Running | Photographer: Tabitha Soren | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

Tabitha Soren began her series called Running with a chance discovery after photographing her daughter by the headlights of a car, in the act of running. Upon seeing the images, Soren had the sense she was trapping her daughter inside the frame. “I started thinking about panic, resilience, and the role of accident in life,” she says. “Also, when people are running their bodies contort and we get to glimpse emotions that are normally kept hidden.”


Soren’s Running series, along with the work by five other photographers (Martin Bogren, Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman, Monika Merva, and Shawn Rocco) is included in Fresh, the annual summer exhibition at Klompching Gallery. The artists were selected by Darren Ching (owner of the Klompching Gallery) and distinguished collector, Fred Bidwell (Bidwell Projects), for their consistency of vision, originality, craftsmanship and strong viewpoint. In addition to the gallery show, which opens tomorrow night, the artists’ works will be published in Blink magazine, and showcased online by Flak Photo.