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Nils Jorgensen is an Denmark street photographer. Member of street photography collective In-Public.


London-based photographer Nils Jorgensen has an instinct for low-key, often overlooked beauty. Poetry has been an important influence on him. He picks out the work of Philip Larkin in particular, and it is easy to see how Larkin’s understated lyricism and fascination with ordinary things is paralleled in Jorgensen’s photographic style.

Jorgensen makes his living as a news and celebrity photographer, but in his life as a street photographer, he could not be any less like a member of the paparazzi. “Working full time covering news, celebrities, meeting deadlines and so forth can make it hard to switch back to taking photographs of small random moments which have no obvious news or commercial significance”, he admits. “It requires a different way of thinking and working.  But it’s what I’ve always done and it’s very important to me.  The truth is I don’t really want to disturb the flow of life around me. I much prefer waiting and hoping for something to happen. It’s also much simpler. For me the whole point of photography is not to interfere with what is happening, or might be about to happen.”

Jorgensen has shown and published his work internationally and is part of the street photography collective In-Public ( This photograph was included in the Thames and Hudson book Street Photography Now.