Wonderland – The Journey Home Begins  | Fine art photographer: Kirsty Mitchell | PHOTOGRAPHERS | Scoop.it

I’ve re-written the start to this diary entry so many times, that I’m giving up on trying to introduce these pictures in any proper way. So I’m just going to begin from the heart, because it’s what feels the most natural for a set of images that have brought me so much happiness.


Recently I gave a talk at my current exhibition at Quaglino’s in London, and realised afterwards, that every picture I had described as being deeply emotional for me had not been taken this year.  That night on the train home, staring out into the darkness I wondered if I had lost my way from the origins of the project, and the human connection that lies at the root of all I try to do. I love the pictures I have produced, but the shoots had definitely become larger more complicated productions, and as a result at times had been more stressful.


 I guess I wondered if I had lost a part of me somehow. The last few months had been relentless, I felt I needed to let go…. to breathe, and be outside in the landscape. Maybe I needed to be reminded of who I had been on those first early days in 2009, when nothing else mattered… just the moment, the light… and the dreams I so desperately wanted to create.- kirsty Mitchell