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The daily fishing Casablanca - Thursday, April 25, I completed a mission video report. I had one free day to buy some slippers for my girls. I thought visiting the "Chinatown" where are located the last ten years of Chinese who speaks fluent Moroccan. But one day, it's a little short. I talk to the driver of the Taxi Small red, hoping to get ideas. He then advised me to visit the Hassan II Mosque and the Corniche. I'm not excited ...


It is from there that we pass the commercial port where boats are moored in huge containers. I ask my taxi stop at the entrance. I am very excited but the customs head blocks my way. I need a permission from the maritime prefecture. A sailor decides to accompany me. The reputation of the Moroccan diligence is not a legend. An official of the prefecture tells me he must ask permission from the CCM Rabat (Moroccan Cinematographic Centre) for any report in the port area governed by customs.


Damn it, it would take a week. Disappointed, I was about to leave when I was offered to go to the fishing port to photograph the fishing trawlers. The official deliver me permission to photograph and a badge.