Digital Photo Editing Workflow | Photograhy |
This article summarizes the most important steps to incorporate into your digital photo editing workflow (aka "post-processing workflow"). It isn't necessarily a procedure that you'll want to implement with all of your photos, but whenever you want to get that "keeper" looking just right, these steps can make all the difference.OVERVIEW: TOP 10 POST-PROCESSING STEPSEach is listed roughly in the order that they should be applied: - - White Balance - temperature and tint adjustment sliders - Exposure - exposure compensation, highlight/shadow recovery - Noise Reduction - during RAW development or using external software - Lens Corrections - distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations - Detail - capture sharpening and local contrast enhancement - Contrast - black point, levels and curves tools - Framing - straighten and crop - Refinements - color adjustments and selective enhancments - Resizing - enlarge for a print or downsize for the web or email - Output Sharpening - customized for your subject matter and print/screen size
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