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Having a leak in your air conditioning can cause serious problems. Not only will you have issues with keeping your home cool during hot Arizona days, but you could also be putting your family in danger. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s important to determine if your air conditioning unit is running up to standard, without having any underlying issues that come from leaks. Here are some ways to determine if you have a leak in your air conditioner.

Ultraviolet Dye Leak Detector


Ultraviolet dye leak detection is quite common and can be done by a reliable air conditioning repair company. This process uses ultraviolet die and places it into the Freon or water of your air conditioning unit. In the event that everything is working properly, you will then be able to use an ultraviolet light to see the dye coming out of your air conditioning system. However, if there is a leak somewhere in the system, then the dye will be seen at the places where the issues are. This is a reliable and quite dependable way of determining if you are having problems with your air conditioning system.

Electronic Leak Detector


Another process, which is usually the most common, is electronic leak detection. With this process, the electronic leak detector will tell you almost precisely where the leak is coming from. When this happens, you can narrow down where you are searching and find even the smallest of leaks or cracks in the system. A company like PACT Heating and Cooling can maximize the electronic leak detector in order to better help you find the issues in your air conditioning line. While leaks in your air conditioning can be incredibly expensive and wasteful of energy, PACT is the number one company to choose for reliable quick and inexpensive fixes.

Ultrasonic Leak Detectors


In some cases, a company may even be able to use an ultrasonic leak detector. When this is utilized, the machine will pick up sound waves to determine where potential leaks in your system may be coming from. The sounds come from leaking Freon or water that is escaping through holes in your lines. Ultrasonic leak detectors are a new type of technology and can be used only in certain circumstances. However, they are another way to consider finding the issues that may be stemming from your air conditioning leak.

Having a leak in your air conditioning system can be a pain to deal with. This is especially when the leak is so minimal, that you may not know how to go about fixing it. Yet that small little leak may lead to much bigger problems. In order to fix these issues, be sure to find a reliable company like PACT Heating and Cooling to get to bottom of the issue, so that you can start living in comfort once again.




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