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Gabby Gottlieb trumps Trump

Gabby Gottlieb trumps Trump | Pharma Industry Regulation |

If it feels like you’ve been hearing from the head of the Food and Drug Administration a lot lately, you’re not imagining it.


So how verbose is Gottlieb, really? To find out, we trawled through as many of Gottlieb’s public statements as we could find posted on Twitter and the FDA’s website from his first seven months as commissioner. By our tally, the “Mostly Complete Works of Scott Gottlieb” clocks in at just over 149,000 words.


But when we ran our methodology by FDA spokeswoman Sarah Peddicord, she suggested we expand the analysis to include Gottlieb’s entries in the FDA blog, his quotes in the agency’s “In Brief” section, and all the public statements on the Commissioner’s Page. So we did. Those additions ballooned Gottlieb’s tally by 100,000 words.


“At the risk of adding to my word count, I’ll be brief,” Gottlieb told us in a written statement that came in at 125 words. He said he believes the agency’s communications “are a key feature of our public health mission” and that “it’s vital that we formulate policy in a transparent way, share our goals, and invite public comment and scrutiny.” And, he promised, 2018 will bring more new initiatives, more explanatory documents, and “more communication.”


A few caveats: Our tally doesn’t capture all of Gottlieb’s public statements; omissions include his television appearances and his calls with reporters.

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