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Sanofi and Aetna Team Up to Examine Impact of Digital Health to Improve Care for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Sanofi and Aetna Team Up to Examine Impact of Digital Health to Improve Care for Type 2 Diabetes Patients | Digital Disruption in Pharma |

Sanofi and Innovation Health — an insurance company jointly run by Inova and Aetna —have announced a pilot program examining the impact of digital health strategies to improve care for Type 2 diabetes patients.

The program will tap One Drop, a diabetes self-management app and Bluetooth blood sugar monitor, and Gocap, a mobile-friendly device and insulin dose management platform that emphasizes physician involvement, in an effort to improve medication adherence and patient outcomes.

"We've always put a priority on finding innovative ways to reach consumers,” Dr. Sunil Budhrani, chief medical officer and chief medical informatics officer at Innovation Health, told MobiHealthNews. “Consumers with Type 2 diabetes face unique health challenges that could be improved through technologies like these that encourage closer communication with physicians and understanding a patients unique health needs. With this pilot program we're excited to see how new technologies impact outcomes for Type 2 diabetes patients."

The pilot program itself will be facilitated by Innovation Health, Inova Health Systems, and Aetna’s Healthagen division. Specifically, Budhrani noted that the program will show how new technologies can help improve public health. Sebastien Coisne, vice president of Innovative Solutions at Sanofi, said that the platforms could also ease the burden of self-management for beleaguered patients.

“Our ambition is to empower people with diabetes to live the life they want,” Coisne said in a statement. “We believe that combining innovative medicines with connected devices and solutions leads to better patient outcomes and an improved patient experience.”


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