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#mHealthEthics: A Call for Pharma to Develop Mobile Health "Guiding Principles"

#mHealthEthics: A Call for Pharma to Develop Mobile Health "Guiding Principles" | Digital Disruption in Pharma |

Shouldn't the pharmaceutical industry (e.g., via  PhRMA) differentiate itself from "wild west" developers by being pro-active in issuingmHealth Guiding Principles for Mobile Health Apps Developed by the Pharmaceutical Industry in much the same manner as it developed other self-regulatory guidelines such as the DTC Guiding Principles and the Code on Interactions With Healthcare Professionals?

IMHO, the answer is YES! Continue reading to see my list of Guiding Principles."

Pharma Guy's insight:

I'm interested in your comments regarding this and invite you to participate in my Pharma Mobile App Best Practices Survey.

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