Pipeline Developer features:
• Comprehensive patent searching, covering the world's key territories (see 'search coverage' below)
• Identifies patents covering molecule, formulation, process, use, combination and assay techniques (see 'Patent Categories Identified'below)
• Patent identification, categorisation and interpretation
• Grouped by patent family and assigned to development categories based on Interpretation of key aspects of the patent claims
• Manual filtration of patents not relevant to generic development
• Updated on a monthly basis, including changes to patent families, statuses, and litigation
• Enables fast analysis and verification by hyper-linking to crucial patent documents and national registers

Patent Categories Identified:
1. Molecular Form
a) Molecule Patents
b) Salts, Hydrates & Solvates
c) Polymorphic Forms
d) Other Molecular Forms

2. Active Ingredient Preparation
a) Intermediates & Preparation Thereof
b) Final Synthetic Stages
c) Complete Synthesis
d) Purification Methods
e) Fermentation Methods
f) Biotechnology

3. Formulations & Methods Thereof
a) General Formulations & Methods
b) Injectable Formulations
c) Oral Formulations
d) Other Administration-Specific Formulations
e) Excipients, Kits & Packaging

4. Related Medical Use & Administration
a) New Use Related to Main Indication
b) Dosing Regimen/Administration Conditions

5. Active Ingredient Combinations
a) Novel Combinations
b) Use of Combinations
c) Dosing Regimen & Administration Conditions for Combinations
6. Analytical Methods
a) Assaying Methods
b) Methods of Determining Patient Suitability

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