Perspectives On Consumer Behavior
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Perspectives On Consumer Behavior
The ways IMC can impact on consumer decision making processes
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2 attributes of a strong social media plan | KEO Marketing - Insights

2 attributes of a strong social media plan | KEO Marketing - Insights | Perspectives On Consumer Behavior |
Build brand respect and impact customers with strong social media tactics. 
Eden's insight:

Straight forward but true. Simple yet forceful social media strategies may seem simple but in fact may not be easy.


Two attributes Straight forward but true. Simple yet forceful social media strategies may seem simple but in fact may not be easy.


Two attributes that create a strong social media plan are:


Impactful: One way a brand will stand out amongst the rest is if it communicates its individuality. Ways to show this would be for brands to advertise that they are transparent and are moving. This will create a lasting memory in the minds of consumers.


Passionate: Those that show a passion and love for their brand, products and industry will shine through to consumers. Consumers will believe that what their brand is offering, will stay true to their word and deliver their utmost performance.

Renee Spicer's comment, May 10, 2013 12:28 AM
Quick easy article. A stand out line that being; Impactful: The only way a company is going to stand out to its audience is if it communicates its individuality. I think that is important a company needs to state why it is different. More importantly is the passionate, you need to be passionate about what your company is about. It would be ideal if every employee was passionate.
Trang Tran's comment, May 10, 2013 12:59 AM
I agree with both Eden and Renee that the only way a company could shine is to have individuality. This is a hard task and a lot of companies tend to ignore because they are too busy following trends and other companies and forgetting to profile themselves first.
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Making Twitter Work for You: How to Engage Brands You Like

Making Twitter Work for You: How to Engage Brands You Like | Perspectives On Consumer Behavior |
How Consumers Can Engage Brands on Twitter and Get Results Social media has a very strong influence over marketing these days. For the last few years, there
Eden's insight:

As I'm aware that social media is becoming the new way to advertise and engage with consumers I'm uncertain that this Twitter strategy will be effective.


This would really be open to the younger generation that have grips on how to use twitter how to tweet and how to find their favourite brands on the social site. Brands wouldn't be able to reach out to all their customers as tweets only pop up if people are following them. Therefore they will not be engaging with their wide scale customers.


However it would be effective for those that use twitter as they will be in touch with the latest news, upcoming sales, and perhaps be  able to get deals on products. This would appeal to the younger generation and will work to keep these customers engaged. But what about the rest?

Renee Spicer's comment, May 9, 2013 10:56 PM
It is importnat that twitter has put the power back in consumers hands. I see a reoccuring them of how to gain consumer engagement is replying to media comments whether it be making an add or bringing a steak to the airport like this article states. Over all enagement it seems is to do something and get everyone talking!!
Trang Tran's comment, May 10, 2013 1:10 AM
Social media sites like Twitter is a great way to get customers to engage to the brand. Twitter gives customers that are linked to Twitter a more interactive form of engagement rather than customers without twitter. I think that companies should look beyond the social media channels as well so they could reach customers that could potentially be very loyal to the brand that are not exposed to immediate forms of information sharing like twitter. Companies although do hope that the younger generation spread the word about the brand through using twitter and other social media sites.
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Is Direct Mail Obsolete in a Digital World?

Is Direct Mail Obsolete in a Digital World? | Perspectives On Consumer Behavior |
Is direct mail marketing is still relevant in a world where everything seems to be “e”-this and “i”-that. The answer, quite simply, is yes. Not everyone is online. There are...
Eden's insight:

Is Direct mail still relevant in this digital world? The answer is simply yes.


Digital marketing does not suit all. It is only reaches certain consumers that have access to the internet and are internet savy.


This leaves other demographic consumers left out. However direct mail marketing is a success to those living in rural areas that are not exactly connected to the online world of media. This article highlights how direct mailing is also brilliant as consumers are more convinced when they can feel and touch things that are delivered through mail to them. This creates emotional feelings inside the consumer and creates resonance. 


Direct mail is also suitable as products are translated better when they are in the consumers hand rather than on screen. 

Renee Spicer's comment, May 9, 2013 11:02 PM
This article is important showing that if we just rely on the internet we will be leaving out groups in society. The older, the poor and the country bumpkins. Especially in New Zealand having an ageing population. This article is also good, it gives you things to think about if you are using direct marketing, like that it has a longer lag time ect, it has great tips at the end of the article.
Trang Tran's comment, May 10, 2013 1:19 AM
Interesting read about this form of marketing communications. People would think that direct mailing is now out of fashion and is not as cost effective as online activity. So many people in society now have access to the internet but as the girls mentioned above, not everyone is that fortunate. Companies that want to market their brand should take into consideration the potential customers that still are fond of traditional methods of marketing such as direct mailing. People still enjoy walking to the letterbox and ripping into letters as they have a hard copy to read in front of them rather than some advertisement online. Companies need to get the right balance and use a mix of marketing communications to target their consumers.
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Social Media Outranks TV, Newspaper, and Online Advertising as Source for Consumers' Holiday Buying Decisions

Social Media Outranks TV, Newspaper, and Online Advertising as Source for Consumers' Holiday Buying Decisions | Perspectives On Consumer Behavior |
90% Say That Following a Brand on Social Media Influences Their Buying Habits; 32% Use Social to Discover New Gift IdeasNew York, NY (PRWEB) November 12, 2012 A new survey released today from Offerpop, a leader in next generation social marketing...
Eden's insight:
'90% say that following a brand on social media influences their buying habits.' As a consumer myself I can say that I am apart of that 90%, as the brands I follow on my social media site (Facebook) strongly influences me to think about purchasing a product belonging to that particular brand. Consumers are more likely to engage in social media for holiday purchases, then using the former materials such as newspapers, magazines, TV and online advertising. This may be due to the high usage consumers have with social media as they use it almost daily to connect with their fellow peers. Brands then have the upper advantage of increasing consumers purchase behavior as they have direct entry into the consumers personal space increasing the chances of being seen, and or being socially accepted. As consumers are turning to social media to influence their purchase decisions, marketers must guide consumers with information that offers easy ways to purchase the offerings. Very sneaky and cleaver to influence a consumers purchase behavior.
Renee Spicer's comment, April 8, 2013 1:46 AM
I was wowed at the 90% stat. And that When ranking sources that consumers consult before making holiday purchasing decisions, editorial content and word of mouth tied for first, with roughly 25% each, followed by social media, with 20%. These were followed by television ads with 12%, newspaper ads with 9%, and Internet ads with 4%. I thought tv would come first, it just shows how times have changed. I wouldn't bother with advertising holidays on tv or in newspapers, or internet adds which is crazy. Its all social media and to get word and mouth going. I guess that is why research is important to find where you should research what is working at the moment. Same in another 5 or so years, how rapidly technology is growing.
Trang Tran's comment, April 9, 2013 5:27 AM
There were some interesting statistics on this article regarding consumers purchase behavior for their holiday getaways. Social media is such a powerful method to deliver information to consumers. Information retrieval no longer needs to be edited and processed by the news or magazine firms, information about special deals and new product launches are directly delivered to consumers through social media which is possibly the most effective marketing method at the moment. The technology generation has blossomed over the years and have adapted a new trend of communication. Businesses that capture this opportunity would get into the loop of using social media's such as facebook, twitter and instagram to promote themselves. By knowledge, businesses should beware of false information or negativity towards the brand that could damage the brands image and status.