UDL and Transforming Learning: Stephen Petrucci | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) | Scoop.it

I had the honor of interviewing Stephen Petrucci who is the first British Columbia administrator that discussed UDL in relation to a personalized learning environment.  Stephen shares his vision of personalized learning and what steps have been taken in his schools where he is the Director of Instruction in School District 60 - Fort St. John, BC.

"What is your vision of personalizing learning?

Personalizing learning is education through the eyes and brain of the individual learner. This entails building a relationship with the learner and creating a profile that reveals personal interests, strengths and prior learning, as well as academic needs. It involves determining and getting a learner’s input on how they learn best, using a framework such as UDL to collaboratively design instruction and finally, employing the vehicles of technology and the arts to drive that personal learning forward."


Thank you Stephen, a BC thought leader, for your vision and insight into persoanlized learning!