Educating in the 21st Century - Edcamp Delta: A Personalized Learning Experience | Personalize Learning (#plearnchat) |

Aaron Akune, Vice Principal in BC, suggests that Edcamp Delta may be a vehicle to support personalized learning.  Here are his thought about Edcamps as British Columbia moves to personalized learning for every student.


"So, in British Columbia as we look to reshape education in a way that supports personalized learning, maybe we should be considering the success of recent Edcamps and borrow key aspects from the 'unconference' model of learning.


> Imagine how the notion of school might change if learners had the choice to investigate self-directed inquiry topics based on their curiosity and interests?
> Imagine if learners shared questions and problems with their local and global network and challenged each other to think critically and be creative problem-solvers.
> Imagine if learning was made more social, with more emphasis on learning together, where learners communicated, cooperated and collaborated in an effort to build shared knowledge and understanding?"