Five Most Effective Ways to Grow Your Career | Personal branding |

"You are accountable for your own success. As such, it is your responsibility to discover your special gifts, attributes and capabilities that can give you a competitive edge and the greatest probability to have a flourishing career."


"Career management requires quality networking, being in the right place at the right time, earning a voice at the table, knowing your unique value proposition and how to use it, managing your personal brand, being influential – to name a few essentials. But in the end, all of these factors require one important thing: a personal commitment to manage and invest in your career the right way."


The article covers 5 ways for you to help grow your career by investing in your strengths, intelligence, the right relationships, finding a career coach, and your family and personal growth. Even though the author is discussing "investing" in your career, think of this as the "blood, sweat and tears" it will require. It is not always money, and in many cases, money will "not" achieve the desired results.


The last sentence sums this up. "Think of your investment as a personal enrichment process: an investment that is always working for you because it focuses on making you a better person both in and outside of the workplace."

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