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Commercial Real Estate Characteristics -

Commercial Real Estate Characteristics Every parcel of commercial real estate  whether it is office or warehouse space is unique in its own way, where it is located, the type of property it is, the demand of the property, zoning of the property ,...

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SmartCode Central

SmartCode Central | Permits |

The SmartCode is a model transect-based planning and zoning document based on environmental analysis. It addresses all scales of planning, from the region to the community to the block and building. The template is intended for local calibration to your town or neighborhood. As a form-based code, the SmartCode keeps settlements compact and rural lands open, literally reforming the sprawling patterns of separated-use zoning.

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A smart choice in planning that blends neighborhoods with both residential and commercial properties based on the character of the area. The model is designed to lessen negative impacts on the environment. 

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