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People who are change agents, making a difference, through creativity, collaboration and innovation
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Rescooped by janlgordon from Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions!

My TEDxRainier Talk on The Soulful Company

My TEDxRainier Talk on The Soulful Company | People To Watch |

Gideon Rosenblatt from Alchemy of Change gives an inspiring talk on The Soulful Company.

**Watch the TEDxRainier talk on ' -- a new generation of firms that won't just tap the soul, but feed it too.

Thank you Gideon for important contribution to the business community.

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Change Through Ongoing Discussions

See video here: []

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, December 20, 2013 1:40 AM

This @ janlgordon scoop rocked.

Lori Wilk's curator insight, December 20, 2013 4:29 AM

We will hear more about leading from the heart.

janlgordon's comment, December 23, 2013 2:40 AM
Marty, thank you for sharing this, it's an excellent talk and Gideon is doing some very important work in the world!
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Images & Words: 5 Ways to Attract People and Opportunity

Images & Words: 5 Ways to Attract People and Opportunity | People To Watch |

I selected this post by Liz Strauss because I can always count on her to write things that are very moving and remind us what's truly important.

This was no exception and surprisingly, I do exactly what she does in the morning, take pictures of the sky, and all the beauty around me. 


"When I started blogging in summer 2005, I wanted to keep the writer's discipline of writing every day.

**No one could have predicted, that it would lead me to several blogs, an outstanding business partner, a strategy summit, a consulting business and a place in a fabulous community.

**When I started photographing the sunrise in spring 2011, I wanted to keep a writer’s discipline of remembering to look out my window every day. The photos are starting to write stories with me. Now I’m starting to wonder where that will lead" 


I’d start the day worrying.
I’d start the day revisiting anything that might need fixing.
I’d start the day thinking of what might go wrong or what could go missing.
That sort of thinking attracted more people with problems to me.

Then I noticed that I find what I go looking for.
When I looked for problems, I found problems.


I start the day is by fueling up with good things.
Instead of problems I find opportunities.
and the result has been that this thinking attracts people who represent opportunities.

Thank you Liz for your contribution to the community, for your inspiration and for being the beautiful human being that you are.

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "People to Watch"

Read full article here: []

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Suggested by Mediajockeys!

Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future | Video on

TED Talks Onstage at TED2012, Peter Diamandis makes a case for optimism -- that we'll invent, innovate and create ways to solve the challenges that loom over us. "I’m not saying we don’t have our set of problems; we surely do.

Thought i let you know Jan :)




janlgordon's comment, March 1, 2012 3:05 PM
Thanks so much, great post!
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Gerd Leonhard Future Teller - People to Watch

Gerd Leonhard  Future Teller - People to Watch | People To Watch |

Everyone has their trusted sources, Gerd Leonhard is one of mine. Gerd's brilliant insights and forecasts continue to be invaluable to me in my work. 

About Gerd Leonhard:

In going from jazz guitarist to media futurist, Gerd Leonhard hasn’t quite had a conventional career path.

****Since the mid-2000s, Leonhard has been considered an expert in forecasting the futures of the music, social media, leadership and entrepreneurship industries and identifying new growth opportunities.

Over time, his expertise has branched into education, travel and the meeting industry.

“[A futurist] is not a person who predicts or knows anything that hasn’t happened yet, but one who can develop foresights,” Leonhard explains.

As CEO of Basel-based The Futures Agency, Leonhard works with organizations such as Google, Nokia, Sony Music and the European Commission, and also speaks at more than 100 conferences and events each year. A fellow of the U.K.’s Royal Society for the Arts, Leonhard has written several books, including The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution, which launched his career as a futurist in 2005.

Although he started off in the music industry, Leonhard is continually broadening his portfolio to encompass additional areas.

****He collects data from all manner of sources

****talks to as many experts as possible

****understands the whole context of what is happening in a given field and

****then articulates how trends will most probably move over the next three to five years.

****He says his ideas are often things people are already aware of but they either haven’t had the chance to crystallize the new focus in their own heads or haven’t taken appropriate action in their operations.

Selected by: Jan Gordon covering "People to Watch"

Read more here: [

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TEDxManhattanBeach - Thomas Suarez - iPhone Application Developer. . .and 6th Grader

Thomas Suarez is a 6th grade student at a middle school in the South Bay. Tom been fascinated by computers and technology since before kindergarten. Recently...

We'll be hearing from Thomas for sure!

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40 (Under 40): The TWITTERATI - Movers & Shakers Influencing Millions In Real-Time

I thought it would be good reading to see who these people are and how they might be influencing many of us either directly or indirectly. It's good reading for a snowy Saturday afternoon in New York.

These movers and shakers are leveraging the power of social media to influence thousands, if not millions, of followers in real-time.

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Is Curation the Future of the Social Web?

Is Curation the Future of the Social Web? | People To Watch |

Curated by JanLGordon covering "People To Watch"


"Author Brian Solis has recently declared that 2011 will be the year of curation."

The following people all spoke at an event in San Francisco, July 2011, produced by Parisoma, an innovation lounge, in San Francisco,  Many of us were not there, we might have missed a great talk but we can still follow them - these are definitely "People You Need to Watch"

Find out who they are:

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Luke Williams: Ideas Are the Recipes - Ted Talks - Inspiring!!

Many of us are preoccupied with the present, trying to figure out how to make sense of all the chaos and changes going on in the marketplace today.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to be comfortable with change and ambiguity for the moment.

There are those rare people among us who hold up the light, who articulate things that make you think or have that aha moment.

Luke Williams authored the provocative and brilliant

"Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in your Business”. He is one of my favorite people. He  inspires me and makes me look at things in a completely different way, often stretching me way out of my comfort zone.

Thank you Luke, for your continuing contribution to the business community.

Luke Williams is a leading consultant, author, educator and speaker, who specializes in disruptive thinking and innovation strategy.

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The hope of a sustainable future is not an algorithm

The hope of a sustainable future is not an algorithm | People To Watch |

I'm sure you've had this experince:  lots of feelings and ideas just swimming around in your head and you're unable to verbalize it. Then you read something and suddenly it crystalizes things for you . This is what happens everytime I read one of Jose Baldaia's posts. He is definitely a great thought leader, visionary, humanitarian and so much more.


I thank you Jose for your insights and guidance. I feel very fortunate to have found your blog and look forward to reading it everyday.

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Howard Rheingold - a Fascinating Character!

Howard Rheingold - a Fascinating Character! | People To Watch |

Howard Rheingold is a fascinating man, he's definitely a change agent, a good interviewer, has his own online university,  is a fellow curator here on scoopit and his topics are thought provoking to say the least. You can find him on twitter @hrheingold and look for his topics here on scoopit.......


Here's an intro:


Howard Rheingold's Story

I fell into the computer realm from the typewriter dimension, then plugged my computer into my telephone and got sucked into the net. In earlier years, my interest in the powers of the human mind led to Higher Creativity (1984), written with Willis Harman, Talking Tech (1982) and The Cognitive Connections (1986) with Howard Levine Excursions to the Far Side of the Mind: A Book of Memes (1988), Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming (1990), with Stephen LaBerge, and They Have A Word For It: A Lighthearted Lexicon of Untranslatable Words and phrases(1988).


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The Illuminated Ventures Project - Raises $2,000 on IndieGoGo!!

The Illuminated Ventures Project - Raises $2,000 on IndieGoGo!! | People To Watch |
Congratulations to Drew Little, founder of who successfully made his funding goal by raising $2,000 on IndieGoGo to go to Seattle, which he tells you all about in this video. (click picture to the left)

This project started as a dream for him and he turned that dream into a platform that is student driven, learning and teaching under privileged youth to become Social Entrepreneurs and help their local communities. Yes, you hear all kinds of negative news out there about our economy, unemployment and the like but there's something wonderful going on that you should know about.

The Illuminated Ventures Project is part of a larger movement called the Shareables Economy enabled by the web and social networking.

Rachel Botsman, author of Collaborative Consumption, a best selling book takes you into this wonderful new world of people who have become part of the solution by creating new ways of living and working together through sharing skills, possessions and resources and much more.

Learn more about the Shareables Economy:

To learn more about The Illuminated Ventures Project:

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Tiffany Shlain - What Does It Mean To Be Connected in the 21st Century?

Honored by Newsweek as one of the "Women Shaping the 21st Century," Tiffany Shlain is a filmmaker, artist, founder of The Webby Awards and co-founder of the ...
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Return on Relationship: The New Measure of Success | Straight Talk | Ted Rubin

Return on Relationship: The New Measure of Success | Straight Talk | Ted Rubin | People To Watch |
I had the good fortune to once again hear Ted Rubin speak at the #140 Conference in New York, yesterday 6/16/11. Everytime he speaks, the message is very clear, straight forward and right on target.

Building solid relationships is not a new concept but today more than ever before social networks provide the opportunity to connect with others of like minds, bounce ideas off each other, work together, ride the waves of change, collaborate, have a few laughs. Nobody can work in a vacuum, nobody has all the answers, and as Ted says, it's a time of listening to others, connecting in profound ways. He's a great messenger with a very simple message. As he says, it's one thing to have a following and another to really reach out and connect with people whether it's on Facebook or twitter. Pick up the phone, say hello.......Ted I salute you, keep up the great work!!

Social media is quickly becoming a way of life… and a way of business as more and more companies are realizing they need to integrate social media into their...
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Thoughts from an 8pm Warrior

Thoughts from an 8pm Warrior | People To Watch |
Aaron Biebert is one of my favorite people. His blog, 8pmwarrior is raw, honest and helps keep it real. He is an all around great person, an inspiration and is definitely making a contribution to the business community.

He's a leader, blogger, speaker, producer, reader & @8pmWarrior. "I believe in passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!"

Leadership, marketing, and social media for limitless warriors...

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ROSS DAWSON is a futurist and an amazing human being. He is globally recognized as a leading futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and bestselling author.

He is Founding Chairman of four companies: international consulting and ventures firm Advanced Human Technologies, futures think-tank Future Exploration Network, leading events company The Insight Exchange, and online start-up Repyoot and much more.

For more information on Ross Dawson see here: []


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Vanessa Miemis

Vanessa Miemis | People To Watch |

Venessa Miemis is a true change agent, humanitarian who is working with others to change the world and she is doing it, slowly but surely.

Here's what she has to say:

"I feel that we are a global society in transition. Many of our traditional institutions are failing or just broken. The narrative is broken. The idea of ‘us verse them’ doesn’t work when the realization is made that we are all co-existing in an interdependent set of systems.

We are now in the process of telling a new story about how civilization can function in a way that incorporates sustainable practices and leads to resilient and thrivable societies.

New models are being created for open collaboration and open enterprise, for complementary and alternative currencies, for governance, and for spirituality and empowerment.

These experiments are inspirational and give me hope that we are reaching the tipping point where a critical mass of people on this planet (much less than I would have thought was necessary) are waking up to our true potential as a globally networked consciousness.

I am scouting the edges of technology and innovation, right where the magic happens.

Thanks for joining me on the journey. Below is a bit more about what I’m up to.

Welcome fellow travelers, visionaries, and agents of change!

This is a blog exploring the co-evolution of humanity and our technologies.

Selection by Jan Gordon covering "People Who Inspire Me"

Follow her blog here: []

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Julia Steiny - Person to Watch

Julia Steiny - Person to Watch | People To Watch |

Julia Steiny is definitely someone to watch - She is making a big difference in education and working with kids. 

Short Intro:

"I’m a writer and education consultant who’s been working on kids’ issues for over 20 years. I’m the founding director of the Youth Restoration Project, a community-building initiative grounded in restorative practices. I do speaking engagements for all kinds of groups involved with supporting children and their families."

The Youth Restoration Project’s goals:


* Mentally and Physically healthy

* Residently stable

* Living in a nourishing family conext

* In good graces with the community (and the law)

* On track to graduate from high school.

What inspired Julia to do the work she does today

In 2007, on a life-changing trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland, I shadowed American “street workers” from the Institute for the Study and Practice of Non-Violence. They were working with members of the Irish peace movement, going into the city parks at night to engage angry and disaffected youth.

There, waitresses, cabbies and hotel clerks seemed to have “restoration” on the tips of their tongues. They talked as if it were the only truly promising antidote to the brutal gang-war mentality that had dominated the city for decades during “The Troubles,” a plague that could easily erupt again with an ugly incident.

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "People to Watch"

Read full article: []

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Passionistas - Twitter Powerhouses Who Have Created Value in the Lives of Others

Passionistas - Twitter Powerhouses Who Have Created Value in the Lives of Others | People To Watch |

A passion gives you a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery.

It gives you something in common with other people, and so fosters social bonds.

It gives you purpose.

It gives meaningful structure to your time.

It makes the world a richer place

If it's true that passion is defined as an intense, driving, or excitable feeling or conviction, then these women are its prime example.

This is the latest post in our series,

TwitterPowerhouses, which focuses on the contributions of people who've helped to expand, influence, and redefine how we view social networking.

We are all impressed by those who create value in the lives of others, work tirelessly to accomplish their dreams and embody the purpose-driven life they often reference in their conversation.

Passion is their fuel. It adds depth and energy to their vision, and provides a spark to create something timeless and substantive.

See who they are: []

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40 (Under 40) Hottest Young Stars in BUSINESS Across the Globe

Obviously some people we all know already, introducing others that we're going to hear a lot more about.

**The most important thing to think about is how their innovation is going to impact all of us personally and professionally.


They're the hottest young stars in business across the globe. They're innovators, disrupters, and job creators; in fact, it's a pretty safe bet you're going to be working for them someday -- if you aren't already!

They're in technology, yes, but also in movies, music, athletic wear, and even curry-flavored chocolate. And the scary thing is they're just getting started.

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A Man of Purpose, Passion & Intent - Adam Braun - Person To Watch

This post on Adam Braun was curated by janlgordon covering her topic "People To Watch" on Scoopit with excerpts quoted from Valeria Maltoni's article on Conversation Age, October 2, 2011.

I wasn't sure whether to put this on my topic about Millennials, no matter where I put this, it's something I want everyone to see.

Meet Adam Braun, who spoke at Zeitgeist Americas 2011 - where they bring together a range of young minds seeking solutions for our time, what inspirational insights will we discover? Adam is the Founder of Pencils of Promise truly an amazing human being!!

Here's an excerpt from  Valeria Maltoni, on her amazing Conversation Agent blog about Adam: My comments are the **, I couldn't have said it better:-)

"It is often small things, social gestures, that can really make a huge difference. Things like noticing that a child could train his eyes on you and keep them there for longer, at a personal effort.

Want to make yourself useful?

**Give your attention to someone else -- shift the act of being useful to being there for the other.

**Make a semantic shift, too. Notice. Wait. Welcome. In silence, if necessary. That is signal.

As Braun says, the creation of good is not for a select few -- it is accessible to all.

His advice:

**find your revolution - its starts with the selfspeak the language of the person you want to become

**embrace late sleepless nights

seek out the impossible ones GTS

You'll need to google that last one.

Number four reminds me that being reasonable is a rabbit hole, because it leads to all kinds of well formed arguments in favor of token gestures vs. social gestures.

**Service is a mindset, not a department. - Yes!!

****There are plenty of lessons in this talk about business and about intent as influence. For real. For purpose."

AntiPlagiarist's comment, October 3, 2011 3:44 AM
Give credit when you post of Facebook. This isn't your work or your content, so not giving credit is stealing or at the very least, shameless using.
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Christopher S. Penn

Christopher S. Penn | People To Watch |

Chris Penn is brilliant, insightful, and a beacon of light in this turbulent marketplace.


Anyone who can take solutions from the dogo floor and bring them into marketing is someone who can deepen your perspective with his unique ability to blend these worlds: old world with new; east with west.   He's different, he's a change agent and someone to watch.


Thank you Chris for your amazing work, keep it up, we need you!


Here is what he does: (In his own words)




Who I Am, What I Do - Awaken Your Super Hero


My name is Christopher S. Penn. I’m a bridge. I stand between different fields, professions, and ideas in order to help people on both sides understand each other. I can speak and sling code, but I’m not an IT professional. I can design campaign strategies and write copy, but I’m not a marketing professional.


Where I provide value is in helping IT understand marketing and vice versa. The same is true for the martial arts, for education, for all of the different worlds I work and play in. I play World of Warcraft, but take the lessons from a virtual battlefield and apply them to business.


I take solutions from the dojo floor and bring them to marketing.

The net effect of all this is that fresh ideas, insights, and solutions are never far away because I can take a problem in one world, look for a similar problem with a solution in another world, and find solutions when “pure professionals” in just one world get stuck.


That’s who I am, that’s what I do.


I’m also the Director of Strategy and Innovation at WhatCounts enterprise email marketing, a co-founder of PodCamp with Chris Brogan, a co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee marketing podcast with John Wall, a professor of Internet Marketing and lead subject matter expert, curriculum designer, and professor of Advanced Social Media at the University of San Francisco online.


I’ve been a practitioner of the martial arts for 20 years now, and currently hold a black belt in ninjutsu under the guidance of Sensei Mark Davis of the Boston Martial Arts Center.

Tom George's comment, August 27, 2011 9:06 PM
Extraordinary young man and very talented. This is kind of the way we do it when someone gets put on the site, oh and I left you a comment
janlgordon's comment, August 27, 2011 9:11 PM
We're lucky to have people like Chris Penn among us, he is truly someone very special.
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39 Luminaries Transforming Society: Creative Alchemy, Social Evolution + Mindful Influence » Fierce Wisdom

39 Luminaries Transforming Society: Creative Alchemy, Social Evolution + Mindful Influence » Fierce Wisdom | People To Watch |
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Spotify founder: Future of music is access, not ownership

Spotify founder: Future of music is access, not ownership | People To Watch |
Groundbreaking! Spotify is the future of music, the CEO, Daniel Ek is definitely a trail blazer and someone to watch........

"Spotify founder Daniel Ek said Thursday he has been "overwhelmed" by the response to the U.S. debut of his music-streaming service and hopes to attract 50 million users stateside within a year.
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The Evolution of People Peer to Peer Value Exchange and Production - 60 Resources

The Evolution of People Peer to Peer Value Exchange and Production - 60 Resources | People To Watch |
Venessa Miemis is definitely somebody to watch - today she posted this very relevant and timely post that about how people are sharing resources and collaborating in very amazing ways. This is information you need to know! She also created The Future Of Money summit, groundbreaking discussions and innovation on alternate currencies.


There is a growing movement towards peer-to-peer value exchange and production, prompted by a variety of things, like economic conditions, shifting cultural values, exploration into collective intelligence, and further enabled by social technologies. I’ve been tracking the online marketplaces that have been cropping up for sharing, swapping, gifting and renting, as well as sites that give people different kinds of opportunity to share skills and knowledge, innovate, and work collaboratively both on and offline. Below are a few sites I’ve come across, please add any I’ve missed.

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Caroline Casey: Asks Us All To Move Beyond Our Limits

Take a moment out of your busy day, have that cup of tea, take a deep breath and listen to Caroline Casey share her story of inspiration, overcoming the odds. It is definitely worthy of your attention.

TED Talks Activist Caroline Casey tells the story of her extraordinary life, starting with a revelation (no spoilers). In a talk that challenges perceptions, Casey asks us all to move beyond the limits we may think we have.
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