Pensamiento de karl marx y la sociologia (influencia) y opinion bibliografica
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Pensamiento de karl marx y la sociologia (influencia) y opinion bibliografica
Revolutionary socialist thinker and activist of German origin (Trier, West Prussia, 1818 - London, 1883). Karl Marx came from a middle-class Jewish family (his father was a lawyer recently converted to Lutheranism). He studied at the universities of Bonn, Berlin and Jena, PhD in Philosophy from the latter in 1841. Since that time, the thought of Marx would be seated on the dialectics of Hegel, although he replaced the idealism of a materialist conception, according to which economic forces are the infrastructure that ultimately determines the phenomena "superstructure" of the social order , political and cultural. karl influence on the sociology : Karl Marx is another thinker who has had a profound influence on social thought and criticism of the nineteenth century. It was essentially developed in Germany where more theory of sociology with the Frankfurt School. Karl Marx The bases postulated a scientific methodology for sociology, particularly in the play "The Rules of Sociological Method" (1895) and "The Division of Labour" (1893), a book that is also his thesis. His method is essentially based on the comparison of statistics and quantitative characteristics, seeking release of all subjectivism linked to any qualitative interpretation, and get rid of all moral or moralistic prejudices a priori to understand social facts as in his workI : "The Suicide" I think this was very influential throughout history from ancient times since primitive man felt the need to communicate and relate to each other and to ahy birth and I think that's the intention., as the man to be an animal social is due to several key movements in filososfia of science and epistemology (science of knowledge) as this has its origins in the common stock of philosophy THANK YOU
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