MEMEnomics; An Evolutionary Journey through Western Capitalism, Said Dawlabani | Peer2Politics |

MEMEnomics; The Next-Generation Economic System is a book that reframes the American experience of capitalism through an evolutionary lens. The book represents the culmination of ten years of work by author Said E. Dawlabani. He is an integrally informed cultural economist and a practitioner of Spiral Dynamics Integral. The framework represents a whole-systems, integrated model that places economic activity into an emergent values context. This is one of the first applications of the bio-psycho-social development model originally pioneered by psychologist Clare W. Graves to macroeconomic issues. MEMEnomics uses Graves' framework, the research of his successor Don Beck, and the author's in depth knowledge of finance and real estate to place the long-established field of economics into a values-based evolutionary model.