Amber West, Vermont, United States (July 25th, 2014) - But this desire or wish cannot be granted for every person who decides to enter the medical field and practice as a pediatrician. It has become very difficult to accommodate every person in the limited accommodation premises available at the Hospital.

It is also a fact that a person who has already got an accommodation would continue with the same till he /she is with the hospital. Similarly there is a heavy rush of new entrants every year that chose this profession and hence require residential accommodation within pediatric personal statement premises. The Management initially had an application system in which the candidate applying for the accommodation used to fill the necessary details of his profession as per the requirement of the form and expected that they be given an accommodation on that basis. personal statement for pediatric residency Management however realized that the applications which were submitted usually contained mandatory details which were more or less common to all candidates and hence it became difficult to make an appropriate   choice of deserving candidates and many a times had to face severe criticism as they were believed to be unjust in their process of accommodating the pediatric residents.

Gastroenterology fellowship personal statement Management after a lot of brain storming and objective thinking came upon a plan that the candidate in his /her application should state as to why he/ she should be allotted the said room /quarters/premises. The Management realized that this replies too were cliché and required something more substantial and creative. They required reasons which depicted the commitment of the candidate to the profession. The information had to be more personal and have a touch which would arouse empathy for the candidate. What would they be required to state? What would be a personal statement? Whether the same would be within the expected levels of decency and morality substantiated by the management?

It was however seen that the doctors practicing gastroenterology have also been posed with a similar problem. They can also avail the facility available to the pediatric residents by linking to and this will help them in getting residential accommodations easily as has been availed by the pediatric residents.


Victoria Jordan (Marketing Director)

1605 Broadway, Montpelier, VT