The 2 Hottest Educational Social Networks You’re Not Yet Using | Edudemic | Pedalogica: educación y TIC |

The world of edtech is abuzz this week thanks to a smattering of exciting news. First, we had Stanford creating an entirely new position and office for online learning. Now something that signals a seismic shift in the edtech world.

Companies and startups alike are jumping feet-first into the edtech world, hoping to connect educators like never before. They’re doing this by creating their very own social networks with functionality that rivals Facebook and Twitter. But it all has an educational twist, making it clear that we’re going to keep seeing more and more organizations vying for the valuable attention of teachers, administrators, and students.

There are two new educational social networks that have basically launched this week. Both have already existed for a few months but they’re essentially now open and easier to use, making them actually viable options for everyone.

Via Alejandro Tortolini