Pedalogica: educación y TIC
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Pedalogica: educación y TIC
Pedalogica: educación y TIC
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Why You Should Be Embracing LinkedIn Endorsements

Why You Should Be Embracing LinkedIn Endorsements | Pedalogica: educación y TIC |

Introduced as a quick way of recommending someone, LinkedIn's endorsements has taken a life of its own and has influenced how users optimise their profiles...


For better or for worse, the introduction of LinkedIn’s endorsements has had an effect on how users approach the site. In their Q3 earnings report released at the beginning of November, the company revealed that more than 200 million endorsements have been given out by members since the feature was released back in late September and that the number of members editing their profiles has more than doubled when compared to last year. If it means that users are improving and optimising their profiles because of endorsements, then you could argue that it’s having a positive effect.

However, there has been much debate about whether LinkedIn’s endorsement feature is valuable or not. The theory behind it makes a lot of sense – for those who mightn’t have the time to write a recommendation, a single click is much easier and less time-consuming – but at the same time, some have argued that it cheapens recommendations and is an effort to recreate the Facebook ‘Like’ button. While both sides have valid points, it’s better to see endorsements as a way of complementing your profile instead of being a deal breaker for employers.


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6 Social Media Networks to Watch Now + [ Infographics]

6 Social Media Networks to Watch Now + [ Infographics] | Pedalogica: educación y TIC |

This piece was put together by Jeff Bullas and selected for me by maxOz, my fellow curator.



Selected by maxOz and Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and beyond"


See article and infographics here: []

Via janlgordon, Donna Murdoch
janlgordon's comment, January 25, 2012 1:12 PM
Thanks for this one, great selection as always. I put it in Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond because it's has information that is important for all of us who are posting, curating, blogging and engaging on these networks. Greatly appreciated!
Deborah Verran's comment, January 25, 2012 4:09 PM
Very useful, helps me understand what kind of audience I can expect when posting onto G+
Chuck Bartok's comment, January 26, 2012 1:08 PM
Thanks again for posting this information
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#Infographic : How #SocialMedia Impacts Purchasing Decisions...

#Infographic : How #SocialMedia Impacts Purchasing Decisions... | Pedalogica: educación y TIC |

Many professionals are turning to social media as a place of trust for their purchasing decisions and it’s no different for the IT industry. IT decision makers have a highly-regarded task of ensuring they recommend the best products and services for their organizations.
LinkedIn, Forrester Consulting, and Research Now zeroed in on these professionals to see how they utilize social media, including its effects on their purchasing decisions and how they engage with social.
According to Michael Weir, Head of Category Development for the Technology Industry at LinkedIn, “It’s no surprise that [IT decision makers] are heavy users of social networks. In fact, 85% have used at least one social network for business purposes. What’s surprising is that 73% have engaged with an IT vendor on a social network – underscoring the value of the channel for IT marketers. Even more revealing is the fact that social media is now a critical source of influence across the entire decision making process, not just during the initial research phase.”


Via Lauren Moss, John van den Brink, Gladys Pintado, Asela Ortiz de Murua @AselaVit
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