Pedalogica: educación y TIC
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Pedalogica: educación y TIC
Pedalogica: educación y TIC
TIC, educación y otros cuentos...
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Los mejores trucos para Wikipedia

Los mejores trucos para Wikipedia | Pedalogica: educación y TIC |
Tenemos varios trucos para Wikipedia que te ayudarán a sacarle todo el provecho posible, ya sea aprendiendo nuevas cosas, jugando, o cambiando su aspecto totalmente por uno mejor.

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What is Education 3.0

What is Education 3.0 | Pedalogica: educación y TIC |

Education 3.0 is a term that has been used to describe a level of transformative capabilities and practices for education in the 21st century.


Professor Derek Keats, of the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa,[1] and his co-author Jan Philipp Schmidt, FreeCourseWare Manager at University of the Western Cape, South Africa, used the term in 2007 to apply to the use and impact on education of collaborative and personalized learning, reusable learning content, and recognition of prior learning (RPL) whether by formal or informal means.


Keats' explorations were focused on higher education.[2] Dr. John Moravec at the University of Minnesota broadens this view, and describes Education 3.0 as a product necessary to support what he labels "Society 3.0" - a near future paradigm of social co-constructivism, ambient technology, and propelled by continuous innovation at all levels of society.[3]


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One possible imminent future...

Jeffrey Miles's curator insight, March 17, 2014 11:01 PM

The idea of web 2.0, and education 3.0 is interesting to me... what will they be called in the future if they are to become the norm?

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New Algorithm Assesses the Quality of Wikipedia Articles

New Algorithm Assesses the Quality of Wikipedia Articles | Pedalogica: educación y TIC |
An algorithm that assesses the quality of Wikipedia articles could reassure visitors and help focus editors on entries that need improving.

Via Alfredo Corell
Alfredo Corell's curator insight, November 1, 2013 4:01 PM

Today, we get an answer thanks to the work of Xiangju Qin and Pádraig Cunningham at University College Dublin in Ireland. These guys have developed an algorithm that assesses the quality of Wikipedia pages based on the authoritativeness of the editors involved and the longevity of the edits they have made.

“The hypothesis is that pages with significant contributions from authoritative contributors are likely to be high-quality pages,” they say. Given this information, visitors to Wikipedia should be able to judge the quality of any article much more accurately.