Observations on the Evolution of Cyber Tactics in 2013 | Pedalogica: educación y TIC | Scoop.it
Tom Kellermann discusses the changes we can expect to see in 2013


The world has reached a point of inflection in cybercrime. As cyberspace abounds with cyber privateers, and many nations of the world become havens for these modern-day pirates, it appears that 2013 is the year of hacking for criminal gain.


In our recently released predictions for 2013, our CTO Raimund Genes illustrated his strategic vision per the future of cybercrime. The predictions highlight improvements in threats we will encounter in 2013, more specifically on the attack vectors used by cybercriminals. Raimund predicts that attackers will shift their strategy from developing sophisticated malware to focusing on the means to infiltrate networks and evade detection.

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