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Wondering how to sell gold? When it comes to selling gold, a gold pawn shop is the best choice. If you are a resident of Utah and willing to turn your gold jewelry into cash, there are lots of pawn shops in Salt Lake City Utah. Pawn shops in Utah are a great way to get fast cash in a time of need. You will receive cash in exchange for your gold. You will have a time frame to redeem your property. In that time frame you will pay back the loan amount plus interest else the lender keeps your item.

When it comes to selling gold, there are many general pawn shops, collecting shops and banks. However, if you want to sell a variety of gold items such as gold jewelry, dental work, gold nuggets, gold bars and gold coins then you need a specialist shop. Salt lake city pawn shops would be able to satisfy your need.

The major benefits of selling gold to pawn shops in Utah are:


You receive fast cash loan.

There will be no credit check.

You have four months to payback loan.

You have the option of getting an extension.

Your items are securely stored.

They specialize in paying top dollar for any type of gold and base those prices on the current spot price for gold. This ensures that you get top dollar for what you bring into the store irrespective of what form it might be in. These stores are perfect for all your needs when it comes to selling gold. The biggest challenge is finding the right one as there are many pawn shops in Utah.


The arrival of internet has also increased the number of pawn shops that offer their services online. It has provided an interesting option as you can exchange your gold from the convenience of your own home.


Crown jewelers and pawn is one of the best of the pawn shops in Salt Lake City that is providing the highest standard of integrity, quality, value and service in the pawn business.

For any further details visit

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Scooped by samson smith!

Must know things about pawnshops

Must know things about pawnshops | Pawnutah |

What might happen the day you urgently require cash if- god forbid-you run out of money? Nobody would imagine himself thinking this way. But, this can indeed be a reality, especially for those who always go hand to mouth. To this kind of situation, there could be one significant solution under the name pawn shops.

This is the place where people can get fast cash. You the customer needs to offer your personal owned property as collateral to these pawnbrokers and in return, can get a loan according to your merchandise value.


Before signing any kind of agreement, customers must confirm how safe the pawn shop is to have a productive deal.

Avoid pledging your property as security until you don’t know some of the vital things regarding pawn shops and pawnbrokers. These are as follows:


Brief history:

You the customer at the very least, should know about the past history of the pawn shop you’re planning to take a loan from. In generic, you’d better know who the founder is, when it was established, who runs it now and so forth. Genuine answers to these queries would fill in a sense of trust and confidence in the customer’s mind for having a fruitful deal. It’ll be better if you gather some information about pawnbroker as well. For the reason that it might be the case that pawnshop has a high reputation, but current pawnbroker hasn’t been able to maintain the same name.


Security System:

You the customer mustn’t forget; the assets you put forward as security before these pawnbrokers need tight protecting. Security is the one aspect which can’t be compromised at any cost. Pawnshops should clear out the things as how they guarantee the safety of customer’s merchandise.


Have they been using single or multiple vaults for keeping the customer’s commodities secured? What if they have their security system breached? Will the customer be able to stake claim on this kind of situation?

Suggest having answers in hand to the above queries before pledging your belongings as collateral to any pawnshop. It is because every piece of your merchandise is valuable.


Read agreement thoroughly:

When you go to a pawn shop you’re required to sign an agreement stating the terms and conditions regarding deal. Although, these agreements are not as complicated as you’re required to fill in the banks for getting loans. However, we suggest reading those terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement carefully and in detail. It’ll be more beneficial for you the customer to know if the pawn shops you’re planning to visit comply with the federal, state, local regulations and laws. Agree to terms and conditions only once you’re completely known to their policies. Make sure you’re signing a government regulated contract with a pawnshop that should also be registered with national pawnbrokers association.


Loan amount and interest rate:

Be familiar with on what standards a particular pawnshop decides the loan amount to be granted. Generally, pawn loans are made according to the demand and condition of the item to be kept as collateral. At what interest the customer needs to return the money and redeem its merchandise should also be made clear before to avoid any kind of confusion later on.


There is no definitive rule regarding the merchandises a customer can pawn off. Be it land, electronic goods, used homely things to jewelry or any kind of worthy thing can be offered to these pawnbrokers. But, the loan customer would get against its merchandise directly depends on the demand and condition of the item to be kept as a guarantee.

Willing to get short-term fast cash or buy antique and pristine jewelry? The buyers must head straight to Crown Jewelers and Pawn, which is one of the best pawn shops in salt lake city Utah, has got a National Pawn Brokers Association, jewelers board of trade and south salt lake chamber of commerce membership as well.

For further information, feel free to visit at:

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