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Aluminum 3003 is usually a choice for virtually any roof where steel or other materials are considered. Its natural properties of light weight, strength and longevity make it a desirable roofing material. Aluminum roof's capacity rust and corrosion after some time, these unique characteristics make aluminum roofing preferred material in salt spray costal environments.
Because aluminum roofs are lightweight, consumers can re-roof their property and reduce the weight on their own housing structure. Unlike heavy tile and slate roofing, aluminum roofing doesn't require structural reinforcement.
Falzonal is prepainted aluminum coils created to deliver superior recent results for roofing the mechanical properties from the alloy and also the coating were developed for superior double-standing seam.
Pre painted Aluminium is perfect for folding flashings and complex details it is used for rain-proof double-skin, rear-ventilated roof constructions, or single-skin roof constructions without rear-ventilation. Falzonal can be purchased in different surface finishes. Falzonal is fantastic for all applications from the folding technique: Rain density, two-shell single-ventilated and unventilated roof and wall constructions is usually realized together with complex facade architecture. Falzonal in most different surface finishes: solids and metallic and also copper, zinc or titanium colors. The coil-coated aluminum strips is usually cut easily roll form, cut, fold, fold, round, drill, glue and rivets. FALZONAL may be individually along with other materials for example wood, glass or steel, from your arched roof towards the narrow angled dormer or oriel construction on the spire on the large-scale cladding – pattern Aluminium offers many opportunities with an individual roof and wall design.
Prepainted pattern aluminum coils offers architects, contractors and building owners various sophisticated design options simultaneously an effective and inexpensive process.
The advantages immediately:
•    Attractive appearance: A range of colors and good formability enable FALZONAL to be joined with other components including wood, stone or glass, and prepainted aluminum  fits into many designs, from sweeping arched roofs to narrow dormers, church towers to large industrial facades
•    The correct a number of designs for your needs: Use double-standing seam for roofing and wall cladding, or angle-standing seam and ledge roof designs for wall cladding
•    Versatility: Use for rain-proof double skin with rear ventilation, single-skin constructions without the need of rear ventilation or complex facade architecture.
•    Excellent processability: Form, cut, saw, fold, drill, rivet and glue easily without harming the properties in the product or the coating
•    Superior resistance: The PVdF coating provides superior resistance to UV light, sea water and corrosion on account of condensation
•    Exceptional strength: Displays outstanding results against wind pressure and suction.