BYOD: Like inviting your boss into your house when you're not home | Passe-partout |
The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is gaining traction, but before you bring your phone to work you'd better think it through.


What you must realize is that your employer may insist at some point to scrutinize what's on your BYOD phone. Perhaps there's a rumor that an employee is grabbing company information, or that someone is snapping photos of sensitive things in the office. Maybe your company simply wants to update your work apps or settings.


Whatever the reason, it's not outside the realm of possibility that one day your employer may analyze the information on your phone. Yes, it's your personal phone but the BYOD situation means it's also the same as a work-provided phone.


Maybe it's not a big deal if your boss asks you to hand your phone over, but it still won't be a comfortable situation. What personal photos have you taken that reside on the phone? What intimate text messages have you exchanged with your spouse? You get the picture. It would be sort of like inviting your boss to your home when you're not there. What might he find snooping around your hacienda?

Via Gust MEES