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Too Much Helicopter Parenting |

Too Much Helicopter Parenting | | Parenting |


AMERICAN parents are more involved in our children’s lives than ever: we schedule play dates, assist with homework and even choose college courses.


We know that all of this assistance has costs — depleted bank balances, constricted social lives — but we endure them happily, believing we are doing what is best for our children.


What if, however, the costs included harming our children?


That unsettling possibility is suggested by a paper published in February in the American Sociological Review. The study, led by the sociologist Laura T. Hamilton of the University of California, Merced, finds that the more money parents spend on their child’s college education, the worse grades the child earns.


A separate study, published the same month in the Journal of Child and Family Studies and led by the psychologist Holly H. Shiffrin at the University of Mary Washington, finds that the more parents are involved in schoolwork and selection of college majors — that is, the more helicopter parenting they do — the less satisfied college students feel with their lives.


Why would parents help produce these negative outcomes? It seems that certain forms of help can dilute recipients’ sense of accountability for their own success. The college student might think: If Mom and Dad are always around to solve my problems, why spend three straight nights in the library during finals rather than hanging out with my friends?


And there is no reason to believe that parents and children have cornered the market on these dynamics. Indeed, “helicopter helping” should yield similar consequences in virtually any relationship — with spouses, friends, co-workers — in which one person can help another.


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Kat McCormick's comment, May 11, 2013 11:32 PM
Are parents living vicariously through their children?
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Parenting Place Offers Fathers 2 Dads Program

Parenting Place Offers Fathers 2 Dads Program | Parenting |
Program open to any father "who wants to be the best dad he can be"

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