Baltimore, MD 9th Aug, 2014 one of the top rated paraphrasing tools provider in the market has reported a 30% increase in customer orders for three consecutive months as its ongoing 20% discount offer hits the fifth month. has said that this remarkable growth has largely been attributed to the rising demand for professional paraphrasing services and being one of the major players in the sector, the company has been getting the biggest share of orders from the massive demand.

In addition to this, the professional paraphrasing tool provider has said that its ongoing 20% discount offer has also played a very important role in attracting new customers and in fact, it is thanks to this discount that a lot of customers have been choosing its paraphrasing tools despite the high competition among some of the major players in the sector. It will be very interesting to see if indeed the firm will maintain this remarkable progress in the coming months but based on the current momentum, it will not be surprising if indeed it does. notes that it will lay down a number of innovative plans to help keep this performance level alive. Insiders within the paraphrase tool provider have been saying that the firm is considering extending its 20% discount offer which was actually due to expire in the next few weeks. The company is also looking to bring on board a number of new staff members to help deal with this remarkable orders in a manner that will satisfy most of its current and future customers.

Analysts in the sector note that if indeed will be able to maintain this remarkable momentum of growth there is no doubt the firm will rank as one of the biggest paraphraser in the world. Although this has always been the firm's mission since it started offering its professional services, it is only now that efforts towards achieving that goal are intense and visible.

In any case however, has maintained that the most important thing now is to open its paraphrasing tools to each and every person who needs them. The 30% growth rate for the three consecutive months underscores the firm's popularity in the sector and even in the future, this is expected to remain the same. For the best paraphrasing services please get in touch with through

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