Huston, TX 11th July, 2014 - has termed its academic paraphrasing service for PhD and MBA students a complete success. The company launched the custom service geared towards post graduate students a few months back and the success seen so far has been amazing to say the least. The company has said that based on this success it will continue to lay down a number of innovative plans to popularize its service and improve it further in the near and long term future. has remained one of the very few paraphrasing services provider that has offered a custom service geared towards post graduate students. The company says that students have very unique needs as far as paraphrasing is concerned and the fact the service has been utterly successful is great proof of this fact. In light of this, the provider has said that it intends to continue on this path in its pursuit to offer even more students access to professional and quality paraphrasing online.

The extent of the success the new service has seen cannot be easily measured. However, has noted that since it started offering it, customer orders have doubled most of which have been from PhD and MBA students. With demand now expected to grow, the paraphrasing website is now looking at a great prospect of improving its sales substantially in 2014. All the same, has maintained that the main goal of the service is not just to make profits but to actually give students an easily accessible platform where they can explore the skills of proven experts to get accurate and quality paraphrasing.

Experts in the market note that part of the reason why the service has been successful is also based on the affordable costs. A lot of students have been seeing this as a great opportunity to paraphrase online while still saving remarkably in the process. confirmed that the prices will remain low even in cases of high demand. Paraphrasing has remained a very central activity in developing research papers. Experts say that paraphrasing has played a very important role in stamping out plagiarism and that is why it has continued to be popular among PhD and MBA students.

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