Los Angeles, CA 19 TH August, 2011 - paraphraseservice.info has confirmed that it is now offering professional editing and summarizing services for just $6.40 a page. A statement released by the high profile summarizer confirmed that the new prices take effect immediately and customers looking for cheap and quality summarizing and rewriting services are welcomed to take advantage of its professional team without having to spend so much.

Experts in the sector have hailed the new rates from paraphraseservice.info saying that they will be a huge inspiration in the growing efforts among sector players to offer affordable paraphrase service. All the same, paraphraseservice.info has said that the new rates are simply designed to give an opportunity to students and other customers with little budgets to access the best summarizing and rewriting help the online sector can offer. The move is expected to be very influential in helping the provider expand its current market base substantially in the next few months.

For the better part of the years paraphraseservice.info has been in business, the provider has time and again made it clear that its intention is to become one of the most sought after paraphrasing service providers where any customers can get invaluable help at affordable rates. Although in recent months and years paraphraseservice.info has done remarkably well to offer its customers competitive and low costs for summarizing and rewriting, analysts say that the $6.40 a page rate is by far one of the best and the lowest so far.

In any case however, paraphraseservice.info has assured its customers that this is not the end. The paraphrasing services provider has noted that it will keep its eyes open for any other opportunities that arise to make its prices even cheaper. It will be very interesting to see how current and future customers will respond to the new rate but as it seems, paraphraseservice.info is confident that the new price will be a complete success in its efforts to promote affordable and easily accessible paraphrasing online.

The company becomes one of the first high profile and highly rated paraphrase helpprovider to deliver quality services for such low costs. Analyst in the sector note that the move is a perfect response to the growing need for online paraphrasers to promote greater affordability and even in the coming years, paraphraseservice.info is expected to set the pace for others to follow. For the best and affordable paraphrasing, please get in touch with paraphraseservice.info through support@paraphraseservice.info.

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