Cybernetic machine. DIA/Dessau/ss 2011. Geometry and Form/cybernetic/parametric box. Elective.


The aim is to construct a self regulating cybernetic machine that will effectually produce geometric randomness. The machine is to be environmentally unadaptive. Nonetheless, it is to be environmentally responsive.
The machine will, in application, tap into a novel realm as far as architectural form genesis is concerned. Architectural forms which would be unattainable elsehow will be made realizable.


Owing to the understanding of a cybernetic machine as adaptive in nature and environmentally responsive, the machine will perform sensory, processing and output functions.
The output will be a form changing (dancing) effect of corn starch in response to different oscillations at specified frequencies as produced by a speaker in conformance with cymatic principles.
Albeit the vibrations will be parametrically generated, the corn starch particles are bound to be in a constant state of reorganization, thereby guaranteeing operative randomness in both geometry and sound.

Liss Werner (Tactile Architecture)

Güley Alagoz
Maksym Yurovnikov
Kirill Tsuman
Ivan Aristov
Rabson Joseph Bota

Movie: Maksym Irovnikov
Music: Rework - You're so Just Just