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Ingrown toe nail is a condition that usually occurs in teenagers and adult. The nails become swollen and painful and the person feels difficult to walk as the symptom progresses. There are different types of treatments for ingrown nails; the treatment has to be started early to prevent the inflammation of the skin. In some worse cases the ingrown toenail may come out puncturing the skin which can lead to bacterial infection in course of time. In this article you will find the various home remedies available for treating ingrown nail.


Epsom salt is one of the best remedy for ingrown nail. Take warm water in a tub and add a spoon of Epsom salt to it. Dip the feet inside it for a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes. It kills all the bacteria in the finger and reduces the inflammation. In case if there is severe wound as a result of ingrown nail then it is better to avoid using Epsom salt as it can interfere with the healing process of the wound and could make it deeper.


Petroleum jelly like Vaseline is another home remedy for ingrown nail. It can soften the nail easily and make the ingrown nail to slide out. Vaseline has a nature to trap moisture and sometimes it can cause the skin to crack and that can eventually lead to bacterial growth. When you apply Vaseline do not apply in excess, just use a small amount of jelly.


Next type of home remedy is to use cotton. Take a piece of cotton and try to stuff it near the corner of the nail. The cotton will keep the nail away from the skin without puncturing it. Cotton has to be replaced frequently otherwise the moisture collected by the cotton leads to infection.


Another common misconception is if the ingrown nail is cut then its starts to grow deeper but the fact is it will reduce the pressure on the finger. The best thing you can do is to cut the nail slightly in the middle and this will reduce the pressure and make the ingrown nail to slide out.

If you find difficult to do this then you can get it done by professionals at Paradise Valley urgent care. Moreover if the ingrown nail gets infected then you can call a house call doctor who will arrive at your home and provide the best treatment for ingrown nail.


Antibiotics will be provided by physician to prevent infections and to avoid the symptom getting worsening. The physician doing house call service will also carry with him equipments required to treat ingrown nails.


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