Premier Ball Congratulates Paradigm Hyperloop

I love Elon's way of engaging the yoiuth in shaping their own future!  JB

Health Reimagined: A new participatory health paradigm
A long-awaited transformation of the health system is underway. Explore a vision of the future in our latest paper.
21 Paradigms to Move Towards in Western Churches
We all realise that western churches need to mature and change, but what are some of the most important areas we need to address? The following list is a collection of biblical principles that must...
Kodak wants to reinvent itself as an Android brand

This will be interesting in that Kodak represents the "outsider" in the paradigm shift structure. I wonder what they'll bring to the party?  JB

Why The Paradigm Shift In Management Is So Difficult

He is a little sloppy with his examples, but he makes some good points.  JB