SOPA Is Dead: Smith Pulls Bill | Music & The Music Business |
SOPA sponsor Lamar Smith has pulled the bill from consideration in the House.


A lot has been written about the controversial SOPA & PIPA Bills in Congress. Thankfully, they are now being reconsidered after a storm of protest.
I've followed this with great interest considering my background in worldwide intellectual property creation, licensing and administration (


Two of the companies I created several years ago were designed to efficiently handle licensing in the digital space. We were the first to re-license music used in a multi-year TV series ("Baywatch"). The foundational concepts of the companies were prescient (pre-itunes, iphone, etc) but are now more valid than ever.


I am now assembling a think tank of some of the smartest people in the field designed to update and establish a business model that will address the valid concerns of copyright holders wanting to protect against online piracy without obstructing entrepreneurial applications. Social media will be a large component of the solution.


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