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At the same time, urban India faces a housing shortage as hundreds of millions of people move from rural areas into the cities seeking a better future. The cities are ill-equipted to handle the new comers as the existing infrastructure is already over taxed by the current population.


The purpose of this competition is to create innovative architectual designs which use pallet racks to create housing / village clusters which can support 100 plus families. The structures should be as effecient as possible in water and energy usage. Designs should account for residential space as well as community space for the inhabitants. The overall design should fit on a 3 acre plot of land.


Designs will be evaluated based on:

- perceived 'livability'

- cost

- self sufficiency

- aesthetics


Designs should be submitted as projects on the Open Architecture Network (OAN).


Watch this TEDx talk by Archana Prasad to learn more. 

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