7 Things I Wish Every City Would Do to Make Urban Living Even Greener ☺ | Paisaje | Scoop.it

Though it sometimes might not seem so, living in cities is a pretty green thing to do.

Two prime reasons being that average home sizes are smaller and transportation distances are generally shorter, both leading to lower levels of resource consumption and energy usage.


But that doesn't mean that every city is a green oasis. Lots could use some sprucing up, even if all the basic amenities are taken care of.


Here are some of the top programs:

☺ Make More Pedestrian-Friendly Areas ☚

☺ Make Entire Zones Car-Free ☚

☺ More Light Rail & Trolleys, Plus More Varied ☚

☺ Transport Options ☚

☺ Community Solar Power ☚

☺ Curbside Pickup for Compost ☚

☺ Good Covered Farmers Markets ☚

☺ Great Community Gardens & Green Spaces ☚

Via Elnaz Ghafoorikoohsar