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Miselayne's Jewels

Miselayne's Jewels | Owner of Miselayne's Jewels | Scoop.it
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Beautiful Aqua Sea Glass necklace silver wire wrapped with accenting blue beads on 16" royal silk cord. $25.00 at http://miselaynesjewels.weebly.com.

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8 Skills You Need When Running Your Own Business

8 Skills You Need When Running Your Own Business | Owner of Miselayne's Jewels | Scoop.it

Business owners everywhere, struggle to come to grips with what skills or attributes they need to have, in order to make a success of their particular enterprise.


In general, it is a rare business owner who has all the skills needed, and even rarer for a business owner to possess all of the attributes of the perfect, highly successful and widely admired business owner.


This good article, recognising how hard it can be for those in the early stages of their entrepreneurial career, suggests eight skills and attributes that should be acquired or developed by business owners seeking long term success for their venture.

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Megan-Nicole Lye Shuen Chi's curator insight, June 17, 2013 9:24 AM

I feel that this article is very useful to aspiring entrepreneurs as this article enlightens them on the hardships ahead of them as well as what they must be prepared for. There are many people who like to talk about their dreams and goals but never get around to working towards it. This article is written by a person who has been through the process of starting work from scratch to reach where she is right now, and readers will find that many of the skills stated are what they commonly lack in and thus this article helps aspiring entrepreneurs to work towards their goal. I also wonder about how much time it took for them to become accomplished entrepreneurs and how much support they needed from their friends and families to make their business work.