The founder and Executive Director of the Center for Effective Living, Herb Tannenbaum, Ph.D., began his psychology career more than 40 years ago, and has since acquired experience in a range of related fields. Since 1993, Dr. Herb Tannenbaum has led the basic clinical training workshops for clinicians pursuing Imago Relationship Therapy certification. Developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, Imago combines a variety of scientific and spiritual views to deliver a therapy system aimed at clients who are married or in a serious relationship and are in some way struggling with this relationship. Drs. Hendrix and Hunt wrote four books around the Imago concept. Dr. Tannenbaum runs one of the two workshops offered by Imago. Getting the Love You Want is an immersive, two-day workshop that guides couples toward enhancing the joy and possibility for growth in their relationships. This is accomplished in a number of ways. Participants are led in activities that encourage greater compassion, better communication, and enhanced (or re-energized) romanticism within their partnerships. They gain understanding about the “unconscious forces” that serve to both draw them together and ignite conflict. Through the sessions, the participants also develop the tools to heal emotionally and to supply to one another the needs or wants that may not have been fulfilled in their youth.