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Overseas Study Company

DAI THIEN SON was established according to the business registration license No. 4104000943 of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment with the professional staffs consulting whole- hearted, experienced.

Overseas Study Program of Dai Thien Son:

• Foreign language

• High School

• University Preparation, A-Level

• College

• University

• Master, post graduate

• Ph.D

• “ International Summer Camping” Programs

Scholarship programs:

• Full time scholarship 

• Part time scholarship

• Cultural exchange scholarship and summer overseas study



Bringing a qualified, perfect overseas study service to the students’ parents and pupils- students who have the dream to approach with the developed education in the world.


2. TASK :


- Always renewing and changing the serving procedure in aim to bring the convenience, swift and qualify to the Customers. 

- Dai Thien Son ceaselessly improves the professional ability with the desire to satisfy the demand of customers in maximum. 

- Contributing to build the human resources who have enough level, qualify and ability in the development of our country. 




Catching up the customers’ demand and also wanting to provide customers a most perfect service. Dai Thien Son will offer a product package “All- in” in aim to save total time as well as transport of Customers :


- Consulting to choose school, major, expenses.

- Providing the free overseas study material.

- Supporting financial proof.

- Instructing to make passport.

- Applying to school and Visa.

- Translating the documents.

- Organizing the special English classes: Training to interview.

- Supporting the procedure of overseas study borrowing.

- Preparing necessary knowledge on life, people, climate, culture.

- Booking airplane ticket.

- Making the international student card.

- Buying the international student insurance.

- Instructing the health exam.

- Making the international payment.

- Instructing the procedure of borrowing money from bank (if any).

- Supporting the student’s parents to transfer money to students.

- Arranging the accommodation, pick up at the airport for students.

- Having the representatives at the countries, support 24/24.

- Supporting the student’s parents to visit children, visit the relatives in overseas.

- Program of cultural exchange scholarship and summer overseas study.

- Organizing the overseas study week, seminar, exhibition. 




                                                                         Chắp cánh ước mơ


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Head office: 339/79 A Le Van Sy Street, Ward 13, District 3, HCM

Tel:(08) – (08) - (08) – (08)


Email: duhocdaithienson@gmail.com

Website: www.daithienson.com