Outdoor pools: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly News
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Outdoor pools: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly News
The Bad News: If an outdoor pool is not maintained properly it can and will become an agent for inflicting harmful health conditions upon the swimmer (human and pet) who are often consuming the water. The Good News: This does not have to be the case. The outdoor pool owner therefore must make a thoughtful and in-depth investigation of the various methods for maintaining the pool water to a proper sanitation level. Proper sanitation will avoid the harmful side effects of the chlorine-chemical methods (i.e. irritated eyes-Red eye, itching skin, etc.) The most common method is the use of various forms of Chlorine (i.e. tablets, granules, and salt generators which create a form of chlorine gas) promoted and sold at the local pool chemical supply store in all of our neighborhoods. Chlorine is a time tested method of sanitizing swimming pools, but one must ask: At what cost to ones health or pets? Concentrated levels of chlorine have been noted to cause health issues in pets and humans (allergies1 and reports of developing asthma in children2). The Ugly: Who has not heard of or experienced the side effects of chlorine such as the well-known Red Eye, irritated eyes, and itchy skin? There are many reports found in a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search on the subject of the effects of chlorine on the human body that one must take into consideration when they make the decision on what method for sanitation to utilize in their pool. When Chlorine is selected, not only is the Chlorine incorporated in the pool water but other chemicals as well, such as cyanuric acid along with proprietary formulations where even the salesperson does not know the ingredients. If one elects not to add harmful chemicals to their pool then what is the alternative? The answer is a Non-chemical, Chlorine Free, Eco-friendly Fresh Water system utilizing nature's process of oxidation and natural minerals for the sanitation of the pool water. Ionization of natural minerals for sanitation purposes has been utilized for centuries but most recently investigated and researched by NASA for purification of water for their space program. Oxidation by electrolysis has also been developed and perfected to create and enhance nature's process of decomposition of organic materials in bodies of water and to assist in the sanitation process. Companies have researched and developed methods similar to NASA's approach for various commercial enterprises, to sanitize water for their particular processes. The swimming pool industry has had many variations throughout recent decades; this has awakened the pool industry to the alternative to Chlorine. The challenge is daunting for the chemical industry in formidable and will not let go of their hold on the swimming pool market willingly. We at ClearSwim have taken up the challenge with our Clear 10 Fresh water, eco-friendly, non-chemical, chlorine free swimming pool system for the benefit of the swimmer and pets. We offer the following proposition: We would like to ask the owners of outdoor swimming pools that do not have a fresh water system but have install an expensive whole house water system to bath in and drink from in their home , Why Not? It is well documented by all of the info-commercials one sees on television how chlorine (in such small amounts in some of the municipal sanitized water supplied to the home) is absorbed through the pores of ones skin when you bathe. This small amount of chlorine we all can agree is significantly less than the outdoor swimming pool your children and pets play in and consume every day. If the pool water is treated by chlorine and other chemicals one is able to surmise that all the good that is accomplished with the house purifying system is negated by the dip in the pool (not to forget that pets in the household, when given the chance, will partake of the pool water so readily available). The bottom line is that it is incumbent for one own health and their loved ones, to consider the alternative to Chlorine (and the derivatives of chlorine and the proprietary stuff) for the outdoor pool. An outdoor swimming pool should be one that promotes healthy living for the family and their pets and not a potential health hazard. Florentin A, Health effects of disinfection by products in chlorinated pools. Fisk MZ, Steigerwald MD, Asthma in swimmers.
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