'Little Dodo' Faces Extinction : Racing to save the little dodo from its cousin's fate | Our Little Island : the DODO_CLUB? | Scoop.it

March 4, 2013 Mongabay

Sometime in the late 1600s the world's last dodo perished on the island of Mauritius. No one knows how it spent its final moments—rather in the grip of some invasive predator or simply fading away from loneliness—but with its passing came an icon of extinction, that final breath passed by the last of its kind. The dodo, a giant flightless pigeon, was a marvel of the animal world: now another island ground pigeon, known as the little dodo, is facing its namesake's fate. Found only in Samoa, composed of ten islands, the bird has many names: the tooth-billed pigeon, the Manumea (local name), and Didunculus ("little dodo") strigirostris, which lead one scientist to christen it the Dodlet. But according to recent surveys without rapid action the Dodlet may soon be as extinct as the dodo.

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