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Community Shuts Down San Francisco To Protest Extra Judicial Killings of Mario Woods, Amilcar Lopez, and Alex Nieto

Community members marched from Union Square to "Super Bowl City" to demand the firing of Chief of Police Greg Suhr, the suspension of the officers that gunne...
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FREE on iBooks! GUERRILLA ART by Joseph Thomas

FREE on iBooks! GUERRILLA ART by Joseph Thomas | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

Get a free download of Guerrilla Art by Joseph Thomas. You can view this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

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An oldie but goodie. Be sure to follow the instructions for mobile devices, but the pics and videos are best on a big screen.

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Rise With Palestine! الارتفاع مع باليسين! 2015 10 15

Once again, community members and activists gather at the Israeli Embassy in San Francisco to protest the ongoing holocaust in Palestine. مرة أخرى، جم
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Unbearable Cuteness: Calico Kittens

You want cute?

I got cute for ya, just this once.....

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Black Dudes Don't Surf - The Desperado Journal

Black Dudes Don't Surf - The Desperado Journal | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |">

Remember those old minstrel shows at the turn of the century where white men would put on makeup and shabby clothes, and talk funny and play the banjo and dance and sing and say: “Mammy!?” Well, neither do I, but that's the image that comes to mind when I hear that someone is or is not “acting black.” Being “black” in America has come to mean putting on an act, a mask; a black face.

ThePlanetaryArchives/San Francisco CA's insight:">

I'm only going to say this once:

"black" is a color, not a race.

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Ethiopia Rally & March 2016-10-17

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Hundreds of demonstrators marched from the Embarcadero, through United Nations Plaza, and into the Civic Center to bring attention to th
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"America:" A Nation of Xenophobic Refugees - J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia

"America:" A Nation of Xenophobic Refugees - J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

“America” is a nation of xenophobic refugees, just one of it’s many sociopathic contradictions. The myth of "Coming To America" has been so inculcated into our culture that most people believe everyone who came to this country did so voluntarily, “seeking a better life.” Ha. 

Most of the Europeans who came to “The Americas;” North, South, Central, or the Caribbean, did so out of necessity. Most people are not “adventurous.” Most people have no desire to leave their families, friends, and possessions (however meager they may be), get on a tiny, leaky, scurvy-ridden boat whose Captain might also double as a pirate, whose navigator might aim for Boston and end up in Brazil, and whose crew might mutiny because they run out of rum. Or you might be “Shanghaied,” and be forced to become part of the crew. Your ship might be attacked by pirates, or captured by a rival nation. You might fall off the edge of the world, or be eaten by sea-monsters.
 And when you got to the “New World,” you might succumb to malaria, yellow fever; or simply starve to death, unless you figure out how to live off the land, immediamente. The people who were living there before your arrival might take issue with you dispossessing them, and kill you and the horse you rode in on. You might be bitten by any number of venomous snakes, or eaten by any number of fantastical beasts like alligators, crocodiles, anacondas, bears, pumas, or jaguars. 
 So no, it wasn’t “Hey honey, tell the kids we’re going to America next week, and start packing.” It was some kind of act of desperation. Running from the High Sheriff, a debt, a jealous husband, war, or famine was the reason most Europeans came to The Americas. Most likely, the only way you could afford passage for such a luxury as sailing across the Atlantic ocean was to indenture yourself to some wealthy “landowner,” and work off your debt as a servant, peon, or laborer. Or you could sign on as crew, and abandon ship at the first opportunity. That is, if you didn’t get caught up in a mutiny, act of piracy, fall off the rigging while working, fall overboard while drunk, or during a brawl, or during a drunken brawl, get sick and die (no ship’s doctor) from any number of contagious diseases, or sink during a storm, or run aground. 
No, it wasn’t until well into the 19th Century that it became relatively safe enough to make the voyage (especially “around the Horn”), and the America’s were pacified enough that you were relatively safe from the pissed-off locals. It should be noted that more “settlers” were killed by their fellow Europeans; range wars (not counting the Civil War), accidents, animal attacks, and exposure, than were killed by the pissed-off locals. But of course that wasn’t in the brochure. It never is, even today. No, it was some version of “Come to America and get rich, quick!” So, the first waves of non-refugees were hucksters, gamblers, craftsmen, and merchants. But mostly hucksters, as is evidenced by our present milieu, as well as by our Supreme Leader.....
©2018 J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia
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Is “Social Networking” A Massive Waste Of Time? - J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia

Is “Social Networking” A Massive Waste Of Time? - J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

Well, yes. Until I have evidence of a Twitter or FaceBook “revolution,” I’m going to go out on a limb and say selfies and cat videos are not particularly effective tools of change. At least they haven’t been to date. Who knows, maybe the cats will save us. Or maybe video games. Or VR. Or AI.


Not. These things are all the work of the Devil, designed to 1. Get your money and 2. Get your attention and 3. Get your “data.” OK, OK, not the Devil, but rather devils, plural. Many Evil Geniuses plotting to keep you in Mushroom Mode: in the dark, and fed s - - t. OK, OK, not like Evil evil, just the kind that puts money ahead of everything else in the world…including The World. The inter webs can still save us, but only if we DYODR..


“Tech” is mostly about military and security: better weapons and better ways to keep track of you; specifically anything to do with money. “They” really don’t care about you otherwise. Then it’s mostly about getting you to buy something. Yes, even I have succumbed to the magic of Amazon Prime. (I wish they had better movies though). That’s OK, Netflix has been satisfying my movie addiction since they mailed CD’s from a warehouse in Palo Alto. Ahhh, the good old days…oh wait, I had dial-up. The only “streaming” was this thing called Bit Torrent…..


Well, the hardware is improving, but still not exactly making Moores Law-type leaps ahead. A phone is still a phone; not a computer. I believe phones make people lazy and complacent. The “Face-Down” Generation. Literally bumping into or walking past the thing they’re looking for. while staring at a screen. Many people never bother to actually learn anything because they assume they can find it on their phone (even though they may not even know how to do a proper search).


Then when you challenge some off-base statement they made with “Google it,” they say “You can’t believe everything on the internet.” Which is true. But you can believe some things, and it’s actually pretty easy to get a consensus opinion from actual experts on almost any subject. That has always been the major benefit of the internet; fast, and mostly free access to information. 


I was on MySpace way back in the day. I tried FaceBook when it started; I immediately realized that it would consume all of my free time, so I bailed. I have been off and on of Yelp! three times.  When it started, I was telling one young lady about it and she said “Yelp? Is it family-friendly?” I guess she thought it was some kind of S & M site. Yelp! is presently one of the most community-based, troll-free, and useful website out there today. And it’s well-designed, too.


Here we are, in 2018, and most websites still look as if they were designed by 5-year olds, especially Facebook and Instagram. And LinkedIn. And Google+. Wouldn’t know about Twitter, never seen it. Never will. For what, exactly? Send me an IM, or better yet, a free (for now) email. But keep in mind that male-chauvanist pig that I am, I’m only comfortable with getting emoji’s from females.


But I digest. What is called social networking is mostly narcissistic gossip, online gaming, and some form of gambling. Online gambling has wreaked the lives of individuals and families just like the other kind has. It’s another multi-billion dollar industry based on a distraction. Worse, it plays on humans most disgusting trait; greed. The most popular social platforms that people stay up late and wake up early to check are little more than hyper-effective methods to separate you from your the contents of your bank account.


While you self-gratify by getting “likes” or trolling someone, a couple of wealthy men get even wealthier. Apps, telecom services, phones, and accessories are multi-billion dollar industries. How does this benefit society, or even an individual? A momentary and cheap thrill for you, another dollar for…whomever.


Meanwhile, many if not most people rely on social networks for their news. Big mistake. What happened yesterday halfway round the world is not news; what your crooked Congressperson is doing right under your nose is. But you won’t find that in the news. This type of news is soon lost in the next overwhelming tragedy. Also, your platform has algorithms that censors what you see. “Fair and objective?” Not anything that can be considered mainstream media. In fact, most corporate media today is really closer to propaganda than information. Just like most of our so-called “education” is actually indoctrination.


So, in a time when there is more information available to “everyman” than ever before; more people know less. Oh, they may know the name of the latest pop tune or Hollywood celeb, but they couldn’t find Latvia on a map. Most people “believe” what they see on television, which is the Second Social Network (Radio was the first). Fans of shows like Game of Thrones or The Wire can’t wait to twitter about the latest episode. Texting about movies and video games, selfies, and cat videos all feed upon one another, creating a self-enforcing resonance, an echo chamber… a silo.


So put down your bleepin’ phone, and dust off that laptop or desktop. Plug it into your smart TV, and DYODR. Know this; the anchors on CNN and Fox don’t actually know anything. They are only repeating what they are told by their producers, who don’t actually know anything either, because they are only producing what comes from “official sources,” which is often a CIA -approved press outlet or individual. And although the CIA can be a good source of information , I would compare and contrast what in their “Fact Book” just as I would any other source. When it comes to political matters, they definitely have an agenda…..

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My San Francisco by Joseph Thomas on iTunes

My San Francisco by Joseph Thomas on iTunes | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

This book is San Francisco native's Joseph Thomas' tribute to everyone's favorite city. World famous landmarks, unique architecture, public art, flowers, animals, urban and rural landscapes; this is a San Francisco few people ever see. Over 200 photographs will give visitors and residents alike a little piece of one of the most beautiful places in the world that they can keep forever. Important tip! (Veteran iPad users may already know this) For "Portrait View" galleries; 1. Tap photo to open gallery. 2. Rotate device. 3. When finished viewing, rotate device. 4. Close gallery.

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The End Of The Roman-Christianized British Empire

The End Of The Roman-Christianized British Empire | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

The history of the world is the rich oppressing the poor. The history of The Americas is Europeans oppressing indigenous peoples, animals, soils, and plants. The history of the United States is one group after the other fighting, and in many cases dying for basic human rights. Almost 250 years after the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, most citizens in "the Americas" are still basically peasants. “The Americas” are North and South America, as well as the Caribbean.


For example, most people in The Americas have no right to an education; more specifically, access to information that has not been filtered throughout a commercial or ideological filter. No right to safe and sanitary living conditions, comprehensive healthcare, or access to to the Byzantine and Plaintiff/Prosecution friendly legal system. No right to fresh, safe, nutritious, or non-toxic foods. No right to public transportation that is truly public; i.e. paid for with tax dollars. No right to drinking water that is not contaminated.


The United States of America is not “America,” nor is it “united;” hasn’t been since before the Civil War. Half the population of the 13 colonies wanted to remain British “subjects.” Today, at least half the population of this country is OK with a neo-Nazi gangster who may be a sex-offender being their “leader.” The US of A  is in decline; the final stage of the Holy Roman/British Empires.


-- Joseph Thomas/BlackHorseMedia

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Way WAY Out West

(NEVADA) -- December 2017 -- When you get to the middle of nowhere, this is what you wil
ThePlanetaryArchives/San Francisco CA's insight:

If it weren't for The Cowgirls, coyotes and vultures might be gnawing on my bones.....

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Tenderloin Housing Clinic Is A Slumlord

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- I am a San Francisco native, and have been living at the National Hotel since 2008. I have been here permanently for the past five years. I am responsible for most of the improvements since July 2015; especially the elimination of bedbugs, rats, and mold, and the remodeling of the bathrooms.


The Tenderloin Housing Clinic effected a constructive eviction by turning my home, a residential

and tourist hotel, into a navigation center/safe-injection site last February.


I have been exposed daily to blood, feces, hypodermic needles, and other materials and items that

can transmit communicable diseases like hepatitis, mononucleosis, and the flu.


As retaliation for insisting THC address sanitation and security issues, I was attacked by one of their

janitors last July.


This January, THC and Shree Jalaram LLC conspired to evict me by manipulating video evidence to make it

appear I had violated a settlement agreement. This incident is currently being investigated as a hate crime by HUD.

By evicting me and not paying the monies due me in the agreement, THC/Shree is making me homeless and bankrupt.

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Free Cannabis From The Capitalists! Grow Your Own!

Free Cannabis From The Capitalists! Grow Your Own! | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

So the bottom line of cannabis “legalization” in California is a tax that raises the price of the product by about 25%. To add insult to injury, the distributor has to put the product in an expensive and impossible to open non-recyclable plastic bag. 


It has been apparent for some time that cannabis would  be a big business someday. It was not so apparent that the economy would be so skewed that only the relatively wealthy would be able to benefit from this new and lucrative market. The consumer certainly isn’t benefitting by paying $40 for an eighth of an ounce of average-quality marijuana.


The only way the consumer can benefit from legalization is to grow their own. Cannabis is an incredibly vigorous plant, and will grow under a wide variety of environmental conditions. No matter where you live, if you can get four to six months of sunlight, you can grow your own. The quality will vary depending on a number of factors (mostly intensity of sunlight), but if you can grow one or two plants a year, you’ll have all you need for the cost of a little time and fertilizer. Not only will you know exactly what is on and in your “product,” you will save a ton of money.

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Mercury Retrograde Is A “Thing:"  December 3 - December 23, 2017

Mercury Retrograde Is A “Thing:"  December 3 - December 23, 2017 | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |



“To be forewarned

Is to be forearmed.”


Yeah yeah, I know; astrology is superstitious nonsense. The same people who brought you nuclear weapons and pharmaceutical side-effects say so. But in point of fact, real science is the observation over a period of time of what actually happens. So here’s your chance to participate in an unofficial and unfunded, but nevertheless empirical research project.

On August 12, our little neighbor Mercury will slow down a bit in its 88 day journey around the Sun. This phenomenon usually occurs three times per year, and lasts about 22 days. This time it does not go direct until September 5. As seen from Earth, Mercury’s apparent motion is backwards, or retrograde; like passing a slower-moving car on the highway. And while there is no “logical” or “scientific” reason why this should affect things on Earth, here is your opportunity to see if it affects your own life. 

During this roughly three week period (it will seem longer), all things involving communication and transportation will be affected by delays. Ha! you say, so what else is new? What will distinguish this period from the normal grind is the frequency and magnitude of these interruptions. In the immortal words of Carmine from Philly: “Big! Big I tell you!”

The easiest way to observe this phenomena is to take a mental note of how often words that begin with re or de appear in print, broadcast, and your own personal life. The most common manifestations are repairs and delays. Misunderstandings, forgetfulness, and being late are easy to observe. Typographical and numerical errors also abound. Media types will be retracting statements on TeeVee and correcting errors in print.

The generally negative effects of this transit include: losing or misplacing things (including, or I should say especially computer files), travel delays (count the broken-down cars on the side of the road), transportation/traffic snafus involving scores or even hundreds of vehicles, “technical difficulties” in broadcast media, misspeaking (watch that “send” button!), retractions, lost persons and pets (a noticeable increase in road kill), recovery of long- lost remains, abductions, big fires, big floods, and recalls of products. 

Increases in food poisoning, false alarms, wrong phone numbers, demolitions, demonstrations strikes, refugees, power outages, sports injuries (especially to star players) will be apparent. And then of course there’s the ever popular Celebrity Death Watch. A noticeable increase in prominent persons passing away is easily observable and quantifiable. You or someone you know will almost certainly arrive at a place that is closed because of remodeling, has gone out of business, or has relocated.

Ahhh, but its not all bad. Research pays off in the form of major discoveries or revisions in science or technology. Often new species of plants or animals or new planetary bodies are discovered. The phrase “first time in history” will be bandied about. Finding lost objects and seeing people after long separations are common occurrences. There should be at least one national story about long-lost siblings being reunited, and about the dog or cat who traveled hundreds of miles to find their way home. Perhaps a heroic rescue, or the payment of reparations.

The easiest way to observe these phenomena is in the World of Sports. It will be readily apparent that there are an uncommon number of records being set, as well as overtime games, ties, blowouts, upsets, and the aforementioned injuries. Instant replay will provide an unwelcome delay to games, and some teams will trot out their “throwback” uniforms and jerseys. 

Even if you do indeed notice an observable difference in the aforementioned phenomena, it really proves nothing. However, if you see the same things happen during each of Mercury’s three retrogrades each year for several years, then you might conclude there is something happening that modern science hasn’t figured out how to measure yet. All that would be necessary is to tie up a few supercomputers comparing the frequency and magnitude of these types of events when Mercury is retrograde, and when its not. 

But until then, measure twice; cut once.


Here is a link to a good astrological calendar/ephemeris:

And a good general astrology column:


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The Salesforce Tower: A Blight On The San Francisco Skyline - J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia

The Salesforce Tower: A Blight On The San Francisco Skyline - J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

I can’t get myself to take a photo of this obviously phallic edifice, although it intrudes on the eye from almost everywhere in the City. So I’ve substituted a stock photo of an industrial air-conditioner (thanks Alex Mak/Broke-Ass Stewart). Can you really tell the difference? I think not…..


One of the worst decisions in the history of city planning, urban design, and simple esthetics was made during the administration of Mayor Diane Feinstein. She removed the height limits on new buildings downtown, and actively promoted the “Manhattanization” of the San Francisco skyline. Since the go-go 80’s, scores of hideous structures have blotted out the sky, created  wind tunnels, and inflated real-estate values. No one structure embodies all three more so than the Salesforce Tower.


 The City and County of San Francisco cannot figure out how to get public restrooms or housing built, and yet somehow a monument to greed, a veritable Tower of Babel was allowed to spring up almost overnight. This hideous apparition is supposed to symbolize “tech,” but in fact it is the essence of everything that is wrong with the technology sector. Instead of improving life for the average person, tech has dedicated itself to making the wealthy even wealthier, mostly by selling things with no intrinsic value. "Tech" has exploited peoples desire to be liked by charging them a fortune for "services"  like "airtime" and "data." It has even figured a way to charge you to watch advertisements.  


The Wikipedia entry says: “Salesforce is the primary enterprise offering within the Salesforce platform. It provides companies with an interface for case management and task management, and a system for automatically routing and escalating important events. The Salesforce customer portal provides customers the ability to track their own cases, includes a social networking plug-in that enables the user to join the conversation about their company on social networking websites, provides analytical tools and other services including email alert, Google search, and access to customers' entitlement and contracts.[17]”


This type of hyper-specialization and monetization of every single detail can only add to the cost of whatever product is being sold. If it’s Teslas, it really doesn’t matter. But if it’s consumer goods, it means YOU have to pay Salesforce for something of absolutely no value to you.


But that is the essence of tech these days. Innovation? What’s innovative about email? The “cloud” is where information has always lived. Lot’s of fancy terms to make things seem more complicated than they are. And charge for them. What is Uber but a "gypsy" taxi service that has managed to “disrupt” the incomes of people who have worked their entire lives to pay for a medallion? There’s a hundred apps that deliver food; something Chinese restaurants have been doing for 100 years. I confess to being an Amazon Prime member (special circumstances, heh-heh), but I was fine with UPS.


Technology is supposed to make everyone's lives easier and better. So far the only real progress towards this end has been in renewable energy. But not nearly enough; burning filthy fossil fuels is still how the “industrialized nations” get most of their electricity, as well as to charge up their non-essential personal vanity-mobiles. And bio-tech seems to be devoting all it’s energy in extending the lives of  few wealthy white people. Cure cancer? It is to laugh! They haven’t even figured out how to cure the common cold.


The Salesforce Tower uses more electricity than the City of El Cerrito. Well, maybe not, but where’s the “tech” in the energy use? A building this size should capture all the water it needs from rainfall and fog-drip, recycle and compost all of it’s own waste, and generate at least half of the electricity it needs. But I’m afraid it’s just another airless box to join the Millennium Tower, Rincon Tower, et. al. These buildings all have one thing in common; fossil-fuel dependent, overpriced, completely out-of-scale for the City... and they are no place to raise a child.

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Travelogue: Saigon - Community Traffic Control

SAIGON (Ho Chi Minh City) -- The reason there aren't 100 crashes per hour is that each individual is responsible for everyone else, and everyone else i
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FREEDOMLAND - San Francisco Mime Troupe 2015-07-03

(SAN FRANCISCO) - The San Francisco Mime Troupe premires "FREEDOMLAND," a satirical look at life in contemporary America. The story revolves around a
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"QUOTES" | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

“ essentially psychopathic.

It lives for the moment. It can only plan ahead

at the expense of it’s own vitality,

and all larger questions of morality

are delegated to patriotism,

religion, or psychoanalysis.”

– Norman Mailer, Harlot’s Ghost

ThePlanetaryArchives/San Francisco CA's insight:

The essence of Capitalism is "Me, Mine, and I."

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Southern Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris nereis) by BlackHorseMedia

Southern Sea Otters in an Undisclosed Location.....

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Is "America" Just "Europe-Lite?J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia

Is "America" Just "Europe-Lite?J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |
It is important to understand that the "United States of America,” as well as the rest of the "Americas" (the "British" Virgin Islands being just one egregious example), are not "new" countries. The Americas are a continuation of European hubris, colonialism, and their practice of self-aggrandizement and demonization of the other. For more on this particular theme, I refer you to The Stranger by Albert Camus. 

The "news" would have you believe the USA is an independent actor on the world stage, and the leading man at that. But actors are a dime a dozen; it's the producers who decides which movies get made (which is why most of them are so wretched), as well as who lives and who dies in the entertainment business. 

One of the most surprising things to me is how much power Germany has on the world stage; or rather, how often the U.S. uses the German military to further it's foreign policy objectives; usually sold to the public as a NATO or United Nations action or "resolution." The Germans have been bombing Afghanistan since 2001. Germany bombed Serbia (Again; remember WWII? Apparently no one else does either, at least not in the U.S. Of A.). They're bombing Syria. They control the Euronand the European Union (through Brussels). They decided to bankrupt Greece and Portugal, two countries they still owe reparations from "The War To End All Wars.” 

Seriously, that’s how WWII was referred to; right up until the Korean war five years later. Of course, they don't teach history anymore. Most Americans get their "facts" from Hollywood (or “social media”). Many people believe that Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood won WWII. Truth is, if it weren't' for the Russians, particularly the women snipers in Stalingrad, all of Europe, as well as most of the USA, the “Middle East,” North Africa, and Asia would be speaking German today. 

 The USA also has a "reciprocal" relationship with "Great" Britain. (What's so great about a culture that still hasn't learned how to cook or make beer)? The fact that the U.S. has found some pretext to bomb every country that ran colonial England off is not a coincidence, nor is it a conspiracy. It is a continuation of Business As Usual; the strong exploiting the weak. Kuwait is one of the last bastions of British ass-kissing. When Saddam got tired of them slant-drilling for Iraqi oil, the Brits decided he had to go. Enter "America." Remember, it was British “intelligence” that cooked up the story of WMD's. 

 Yes, the bloody hands of the British, German, French, Dutch, and Spanish Empires (each a mini-version of the Holy Roman Empire: all claiming to be "Christians”) are apparent in most of the trouble spots all over the planet. "America" is the tip of the spear. Now that the Empire has reached Asia, and Asia is pushing back. Or rather should I say buying back. The people in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in the oil-producing nations, are starting to realize they don’t have to give their natural resources away to Europeans (or their representatives) anymore.
Lawrence Whaley's curator insight, April 22, 1:09 PM
America is our,country descendants of the slave and descendants of the slave owner. But Black Americans are GODs people, many great people with great ideas for advancement made this country what it is today.  At times, they had the "gloves off", But for this country, and at times they kept the "gloves on".  No matter what, one day thoughts and ideas of Black Men will fuel the further advancement of America.  Once the white man's face aint gat-ta, (gat-or) "gatta" no mo, or more.  It will be " Our Time to Shine ".  I promise you we will never rape y'all women/ never would we take y'all children/ we would never establish a minimum wage then pay y'all the minimum/ nor would we hate you and belittle you.

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American History XXXXX: The End Of The British/Roman- Christian Empire - J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia

American History XXXXX: The End Of The British/Roman- Christian Empire - J.Thomas/BlackHorseMedia | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

The United States of America is Merry Ol’ England’s most successful colony. We have inherited all of England’s bad habits (alcoholism, naked aggression, greed), and none of their good qualities (real education, good manners). Discrimination is the defining American characteristic. “I am somehow better than you-ism” has been an integral part of the “American” way of life since 1492. Remember, it’s the United States of America. (Not. Never has been, never will be. The only thing the different regions have in common is the currency; we don’t even share the same language. I have no idea what people from Georgia or New York are saying. But I digest…..) But Mexico, Canada, Central, and South America are “the Americas” too. And by “America,” I mean “Europe Lite.”


Even if you accept the ridiculous notion that the USA was “founded” by upright, God-fearing liberals, the first thing they did was start killing “Indians;” as well as hanging, drowning, and burning their women as “witches.” Or do they even teach this in schools anymore? I wouldn’t if I were in their shoes, but I’m not, so I am pointing it out to prove a point. This “nation” was not founded and “settled” (nice replacement for “extirpation”) by clerks and schoolteachers. The people who did the dirty work of killing everything their path from the Atlantic to the Pacific: indigenous people, animals, as well as other Euros, were nothing nice, and their descendants are one reason this country is so socio-pathetically violent.


“You see, what we have here is a failure to communicate.” Cool Hand Luke; look it up Kiddies. When people bandy the term America about, it inevitably refers to the US of A. But the afore-mentioned countries and continents are also America. The same faux-Euro culture transplanted to the New World. The same motor-vehicle culture, same quasi-British education, banking, and legal system, same imitation Danish Modern furniture, same bad art on the walls of the same stick-and-sheetrock houses, same crappy processed foods in the refrigerator. And the same racist, misogynist, and violence soaked entertainment media, which includes “the news.”


The main difference is the fact that there is almost no middle class south of the notorious Richmond-Richmond Line. That’s a line drawn from Richmond, California, to Richmond, Virginia. South of that line it gets hotter, poorer, and less hygienic. Even the poor in this country have goods and services that are mere dreams to millions their fellow “Americans,” like potable drinking water. And while there are egregious examples like Flint, Michigan, in most of the Lower 48 you can turn on a tap and at least bathe and cook with the water. In most of the world, people spend their entire day looking for clean drinking water, something, anything to eat, and fuel to cook it with. This is true in Africa, Asia, what’s left of indigenous Australia (Good job, Brits. I think you’ve killed them all), as well as the rest of The Americas.


All the history lessons you had about the European “Enlightenment” were pure balderdash. “Liberte, Fraternate, Equalite” were supposed to be for all people; like everything good in this world, these ideals were immediately appropriated and quantified by the wealthy. You silly peasant; you wouldn’t know what to do if you actually had these freedoms! Most likely you would voluntarily give them up to someone claiming to represent you. 


As Daryl “The Guru” Johnson would say: “Let’s put the rat on the table: Capitalism/colonialism/imperialism are not based on science, logic, or the common good; both are based on racism, classism, and sexism, with a generous side-helping of ageism and misogyny. The American Way of Life is based on one central idea: “we” are better than “you.” Genocide, resource appropriation, environmental desolation; all are justified because the Capitalists believe they are the superior culture, if not the superior race. In general, these people are Northern Europeans: the Land of Hungry Ghosts. Cold and starving for millennia, the Germans, Brits, and French and their enablers (Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, etc.) are now trying to eat the whole world. This is the proximate cause of most conflicts in the world; either the legacy of colonialism, or the continued exploitation of indigenous populations.



Our system of “government,” to the extent it actually exists, is based on English Common Law. This means a hieratic system of controlling the masses by force and violence, i.e. hanging children for stealing a carrot. The modern equivalent is drugging/and or incarcerating children for being…children. Of course, our schizophrenic, hypocritical, and clueless culture claims to value children. The empirical evidence suggests otherwise. More specifically, “we” value them for their contributions to our consumer economy; “Mommy, I want…..” generates billions of dollars. Children are valuable to the extent their parents buy toys, junk-food, and contribute to the child-care/education(indoctrination) industry.


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Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers: Displaced Persons In the United States                                                    - Joseph Thomas/BlackHorseMedia   

Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers: Displaced Persons In the United States                                                    - Joseph Thomas/BlackHorseMedia    | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

Nowhere is the bastardization of language more apparent than in the current immigration crisis; not only in the Middle East and Europe, but in the United States of America. While the mainstream media is currently obsessed with Syrians fleeing “terrorists” attempting to get to Europe, it completely ignores the fact that the USA has it’s own refugee crisis; both with people fleeing our economic and military warfare around the world, as well as within our own borders, And just as Europe’s refugee crisis is a case of the unintended consequences of (primarily) British, French, and German colonialism coming home to roost, the immigration crisis in the United States is also of our own making.

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Immigrant? Speak for yourself, Paleface.....

Rescooped by ThePlanetaryArchives/San Francisco CA from De-Constructing Empire: Revolution, Food Securiity, Community Development!

Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers; Displaced Persons In The United States

Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers; Displaced Persons In The United States | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

“If this country ever goes under, 

it will be for needless, egregious hypocrisy.” 

— Norman Mailer, "Harlot’s Ghost"


Somewhere in Heaven, English author George Orwell is either laughing, crying, or looking on; mouth agape, speechless. The total corruption of the meaning of words in the English language, the acceptance by the general public of propaganda as news, and the surveillance of every single individual by Big Brother that he wrote about in the novel "1984" (published in 1949) have all come true. I’m sure the explanation of “humanitarian bombing” would be of particular interest to him. The mainstream media in this country has reduced the immigration crisis to something like: “Illegal aliens from Mexico are coming to take your jobs and live on your tax money. Good refugees from the Middle East are fleeing to Europe to escape Bashir Assad. Oh, by the way, the Muslims coming to the USA might be terrorists.”


Nowhere is the bastardization of language more apparent than in the current immigration crisis; not only in the Middle East and Europe, but in the United States of America. While the mainstream media is currently obsessed with Syrians fleeing “terrorists” attempting to get to Europe, it completely ignores the fact that the USA has it’s own refugee crisis; both with people fleeing our economic and military warfare around the world, as well as within our own borders, And just as Europe’s refugee crisis is a case of the unintended consequences of (primarily) British, French, and German colonialism coming home to roost, the immigration crisis in the United States is also of our own making.


The only people it is currently politically correct to vilify about immigration are “Mexicans” and Muslims. Nobody talks about the undocumented people here from Australia, Canada, Europe, and India; primarily because they are “model minorities” who will work cheaper than citizens of the United States. Most of them integrate seamlessly into American society, and they are usually conservative, and keep their mouths shut about immigration and foreign policy issues. And of course, they are mostly “white,” and so automatically benefit from the inherent privilege of the dominant Anglo-centric culture.


The United States of America is a nation of refugees. To be clear, a migrant is a person who voluntarily moves from from one geographical location to another for economic or personal reasons. An immigrant is someone who voluntarily decides to become the citizen of another country, and has the resources to do so. A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country, often in fear for their lives. Not only is the United States full of refugees from our foreign policy in Central and South America, most of the Muslims who have come here in over the past 20 years are refugees from our follies in the Middle East. (folly, noun: foolishness, foolhardiness, stupidity, idiocy, lunacy, madness, rashness, recklessness, imprudence, injudiciousness, irresponsibility, thoughtlessness, indiscretion; informal craziness. ANTONYMS wisdom).


The refugee crisis in the Americas began in 1492, and has continued unabated since Christopher Columbus landed in the “West Indies.” The indigenous people of this hemisphere have been refugees from genocide, colonization, and European diseases for over 500 years. The conquest of the Americas was the beginning of one of the longest refugee crisis in the history of the world; second only to the exclusion of Jews from Europe. Unfortunately, both the exclusion of the “darker peoples” (Moors and Jews) from European countries, and the expropriation of indigenous people’s land in the Americas (and Australia and Oceana. And Africa. And Asia.) continues to this day. Most of the people crossing the “border” into the United States are actually migrants; their ancestors bones are buried in the Americas, the land is literally in their blood. They consider the plants and animals on these continents to be their relatives. It is the Europeans and Africans who are the “illegal aliens” in these lands.


The public school narrative in our country generally goes something like this: “Christopher Columbus discovered America, and then people from England and Northern Europe founded the colonies that became the United States of America. And Canada and Australia.” Of course it is rarely mentioned that Chris was working for (and was possibly a lover of) the Queen of Spain. There may be a cursory mention of the Spanish conquests of Mexico and Central and South America, but American history is so Anglo-centric that most Americans know next to nothing about the Spanish history of the United States. The Americas are unique, because along with Australia, they are the only continents where the original inhabitants were almost entirely killed off and replaced by another ethnic group. The Inca, Mayan, Aztec, Filipino, and other lesser known civilizations were decimated by disease, firearms, and hard liquor. 

In Europe, Asia, and Africa, different kingdoms took turns conquering each other; but for the most part the Nubians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Huns, Mongols eventually went home. However, once they crossed the Atlantic and discovered the Pacific Ocean, the English, Germans, Spanish, and French did not. They over-stayed their welcome in the Americas, Oceana, Australia (and Africa and Asia), the legacy of which haunts Europe to this day. The Roman Empire morphed into to the Spanish, French, and British Empires. The United States of America is the final stage of this particular brand of militarized theocracy.


The average person going to “The Americas” was doing so out of duress. Like today, most people don’t have the wherewithal or the resources to just pick up and move to a foreign country. Most people never leave their ancestral homes, friends, and families unless there is some very compelling reason for them to do so. This country was not settled by bored dilettantes or timid bourgeois looking for adventure. Nobody in their right mind is going to get on a tiny, leaky, scurvy-ridden boat with a bunch of shifty-eyed strangers, cross an ocean full of sea monsters, and then have to live among people trying to hold onto their ancestral lands with arrows and spears and clubs. Not to mention the bears, wolves, cougars, wolverines, badgers, coyotes, bobcats, strange diseases, and most frightening of all: uncertainty. It wasn’t like they had round-trip tickets, like if they didn’t succeed they could always go back to…wait, that’s why they left; there was no “there” there anymore.


Most of the people who settled America were running from something; the law, a marriage, a disgruntled business partner, a jealous husband. Or perhaps they had been chased off of their ancestral lands by some duke or baron, or the King decided he wanted their 12-year old daughter for one of his serving wenches, or their village or country had been invaded, or disease and starvation had decimated their community.  Sometimes they were individuals who were given a choice by the local magistrate; “Get on that boat, or get your neck stretched.” Whatever, it wasn’t people from polite society suddenly deciding on a whim to go to America for a better life. There was no “better life” until most of the people and animals on these continents and islands had been killed and/or displaced. The people who colonized the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific were not Boy Scouts. It is easy to understand America’s propensity for violence: the code of the frontier was: “Shoot first, ask questions later.”


 The Refugee Crises In The United States


Those paying attention in history class in the U.S.A. may have heard of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Probably not, though. This involved the “resettlement” of the Five Civilized Tribes, (Cherokee, Choctaw, Muskogee, Chickasaw, and Seminole), from the Deep South to the Oklahoma Territories. While Native Americans had been driven off of  their land since the arrival of the Euros to these shores, this was an official expropriation by President Andrew Jackson, with the consent and approval of Congress. By 1837, at least 46,000 (undoubtedly more) indigenous people had been removed from their homelands, opening up the Southeastern United States for settlement.  These refugees included Europeans and Africans who had been living among the tribes. Thousands of people died along the way; the route became known as the “Trail of Tears. This was the first refugee crisis in America created by government fiat. 


By the mid-1800’s, America was sufficiently “settled” so that the European middle-class could indeed come and seek opportunity, by which I mean riches. Most people didn’t come here to work hard and save their money and blah, blah, blah. The only reason to risk life and limb and spend all of your and your families life savings to come to America was to get rich; fast, and by any means necessary. Let me put it another way; there was precious little need for social workers and designers and managers. There was much need for steely-eyed gunmen, blacksmiths, wranglers, hunters, trappers; hard men, and the women who could put up with them. Farmers? No so much; nobody ate vegetables in those days. Starting with the Gold Rush in 1849, America forever became a symbol of not just a better life, but of getting rich…quick. 


However, once here, “immigrants” faced a sobering reality. Being “white” meant nothing if you were in the way off another mans wealth and power. While there were indeed massacres of settlers by pissed-off locals; there were also scores of “range wars” fought between large land owners and small ranchers and farmers. It was common practice for the afore mentioned steely-eyed gunmen to kill entire families or even whole communities; sometimes while disguised as Native Americans. People only moved West if they had too; and they usually only had too when some railroad baron or big rancher claimed, bought, or just straight out stole their land. “Go West, Young Man” was not only an entreaty of Manifest Destiny; it was often an ultimatum.


Given the current political climate in this country, it’s hard to believe that the United States actually recruited immigrants to populate the Westward expansion, as well as to provide a steady flow of cheap labor for the Eastern and Mid-Western factories (as well as cannon-fodder for future wars). Millions of people left Eastern Europe, Ireland, and Italy fleeing famine, wars, and abject poverty. In 1883, this refugee crisis prompted Emma Lazarus to write a sonnet called “The New Colossus,” which was engraved on a plaque and placed at the base of the Statue of Liberty. This was supposed to be what America was all about: liberty and justice for all. The poem ends with these immortal lines:


“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

With silent lips. Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,

Send these, the homeless, tempest-toss to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


Unfortunately, once they got here, many Slavs, Jews, Irish, Portuguese, and Italians found themselves segregated into ghettos, and discriminated against in housing and employment. Apparently Congress did not agree with this whole “give us tired, your poor” thing, and President Chester A. Arthur’s unremarkable term in office was further tarnished when he signed the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1883. This was the first time in this country’s history that a specific ethnic group had been officially excluded from immigrating here. Although this act was initially intended to last for 10 years, it was not repealed until 1943. 


I don’t know what they’re teaching kids in school these days, but I doubt many of them have to read The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck anymore. Which is a crime, because in addition to being one of the best novels ever written by an American, it demonstrates that the class divide in this country is at least as strong as the racial one. The Dust Bowl migration saw approximately three and a half million people, almost all of them of European descent, move out of the Great Plains and the Southeastern United States; most of them to California. The “dust” in the Dust Bowl was topsoil that has been killed by the modern techniques of plowing and irrigation, followed by severe drought. This resulted in one of greatest ecological catastrophes in the history of the world, as the farmland of the Great Prairie simply dried up and blew away.  Once again, the refugees from these disasters were not exactly welcomed (apparently nobody read Ms. Lazarus’s poem). Anti-“Okie,” “Arkie,” and “Texie” sentiment against these domestic refugees resulted in property destruction, beatings, and even murder. Some of these poor souls ended up in domestic exile in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth at the edge of the Mojave Desert; Bakersfield, California (The last I was there, it was 115•F).  


The Great Migrationis the name given to the movement of approximately six million African Americans from the Dirty South to the Midwest, Northeast, and  Western states in the first half of the 20th Century. Again, nobody leaves their ancestral home without a compelling reason. As in the rest of the Global South, oil, timber, and fertile farmland were bought up by “landlords” and corporations. The land of former slaves and “freedmen” was expropriated by legal and extra-judicial means. If you had a choice, it was to be either a sharecropper or tenant farmer, subject to the whims of the land owner. How many lynchings and other murders were actually about property disputes? We’ll never know. Certainly some of these people were leaving voluntarily to seek better life, but did they really have an option? African Americans (and poor whites) were refugees first, then migrants. The migration from the South to other parts of this country continues to this day; and it’s a one way trip. Nobody decides to go back to the southern states after seeing the rest of the country. The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri show that conditions in The Dirty South are still bad enough to uh, inspire people to “get the Hell out of Dodge.”


Internally Displaced Persons


The United States has approximately two million individuals incarcerated in prisons and jails. We won’t go into how many people are being held in “black” sites around the world; these numbers are just within the borders of the United States. Two million persons without a home, separated for years, or for their entire lives from their families and communities. Conditions in most jails and prisons in the United States are the very definition cruel and unusual punishment; which the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions expressly forbid. These individuals comprise the largest identifiable group of refugees in the United States today. Most of those fortunate (?) enough to be released from Gulag Americana will wander the Earth like hungry ghosts, unable to find jobs or housing, and in many cases unable to even vote in this “democracy.” This results in a constant recidivism rate of about of about 66%. The judicial/prison/industrial  complex in this country feeds itself like the Ouroboros.


The official estimate for the homeless population in the United States is approximately 800,000 individuals. However, this number only includes people who are counted in a census conducted on a single night in major cities. It does not count people living in public and private campgrounds, and in sheds, garages, automobiles, and “intentional communities” outside the range of the census. Nor does it count people who have returned home and cannot afford to move out on their own, or those who are precariously housed in dilapidated buildings in the older sections of every major city in this country. And of course, it doesn’t count the aforementioned  prisoners. So in fact, the number of homeless in this country is “several” million individuals; many of them families with children. The first requirement of being considered a refugee is that you have no place to live. 


The latest round of domestic refugees in this country has been caused by the “tech boom,” which is actually a real-estate speculation bubble. “Tech” hasn’t done anything really impressive since the silicon chip; most “innovation” is really old wine in new bottles. I mean, even the iWatch is just a computer. A really cool, teeny, tiny computer, but…a computer. Dick Tracy’s Wrist Radio (look it up, kiddies). And can someone please tell where is the value in a Twitter? Doesn’t the fact that the company has never made any money seem to bother anyone? ”Bio-tech” has been even less impressive, spending billions to cure diseases that are mostly entirely preventable, and coming up with therapies and drugs only the wealthy can access. Nevertheless, municipalities like San Francisco have gone all-in by giving these companies tax-breaks to move into parts of cities where the property values are low, thereby “revitalizing” them. But revitalization is a code-word for gentrification. When these companies move into a neighborhood, rents go up, driving out long-time residents. When a studio apartment in a run-down neighborhood costs $2000, the people who used to live in these communities become refugees in their own city.


The “Mexicans”


“In the United States there is no history;

only media.” — Carlos Fuentes


“Operation Wetback”  (seriously) was an immigration law enforcement initiative implemented in 1954. This operation was a response to pressure from farmers and businesses North of the border to stop the “illegal entry of “Mexicans” to the United States. It was also supported by the Mexican government, who feared the loss of manpower for it’s agricultural and manufacturing industries. This law resulted in physical abuse, civil-rights violations, and the mass deportation of American citizens. Oh wait, those things are happening today!  A compounding factor has been the growth of the private prison industry, which is now operating “detention centers.” They could also be called refugee camps…or concentration camps. These de facto prisons are full of women with young children waiting to be sent back to unbearable conditions South Of The Border.


Monterey, California was the capital of New Spain in 1776, right about the same time the British colonies decided to stop paying taxes to the King of England and essentially stole this land and called it the “United States.” Spain had been on these shores (and interior) since 1492; you do the math. And by “here,” I mean from Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America to the Sonoma Mission in California. The Conquistadores were also in the Philippine Islands, Florida (Juan Ponce de Leon’s search for the Fountain of Youth is one of the best adventure stories of all time), and much of the Caribbean, especially Cuba. After Mexico declared independence from Spain in 1821, Spanish Territory in the much of the U.S.A. was divided into ranchos by the Mexican government. The U.S. government declared war on Mexico in 1848, and as a consequence seized all territory North of the present border, which included territories that are now the states of Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and the grand prize: California. 


At least half of the people most uninformed Americans and the mainstream media, call Mexicans are actually peoples from the mountains and jungles of MesoAmerica. While some of these folk are indeed Mexicans, U.S. foreign policies like the War On Drugs, The War On Terror, and the various free-trade agreements have turned much of the Global South into a free-fire zone. U.S.-trained militaries, militias, and goon squads drive indigenous people off of the land for the fruit and oil and lumber companies in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador, as well as Mexico. Those that refuse to leave are massacred. 


The existence of an imaginary line in the sand cannot keep people from migrating, even with satellites, airplanes, helicopters, drones, walls, fences, tanks, domestic para-military militias, and ridiculous laws. Indigenous peoples have been moving from North to South, and South to North for millennia. The racist joke: “If you have two Mexicans in the room, you have at least one Indian” is basically true. Despite what you see on Telemundo and Univision, most of the people who live in Mexico, Central, and South America are mestizo; European and indigenous blood. Also, unlike the people on Latin American television, most people do not live in modern housing, or drive automobiles. In fact, most people in those countries don’t have enough to eat, clean water, electricity, roads, schools, or access to conveniences like refrigeration, modern medicine, and education. 


Most of this migration is due to covert and overt subversion of these countries by foreign intelligence operatives (guess who?), drug cartels, and of course international capital. Consequently, some people are forced to leave their ancestral homes, families, and friends, and to borrow impossible sums of money to make an impossible trip; from literally the middle of nowhere to the biggest security state on Earth. People are driven from the countryside, usually into over-crowded cities with no prospects of gainful employment. Indeed, the only jobs for poor people in most Latin American countries is to work for the drug cartels in some capacity or other. So when faced with the choice of starving to death or being assassinated in the mountains or jungle, or facing long prison terms in the worst conditions imaginable, or certain death in the drug game, many people try to make it to the United States. Not because most of them want to “find a better life,” or to live like the people in the tele-novellas. No, most people just want to live.


If all the people that the “conservatives” call Mexicans were to leave tomorrow, their over-privileged lifestyles would disappear the first time they ordered a margarita. I mean, do they even know where Tequila is? Or what it is? (No, it’s not “cactus juice”). For starters, there would be nothing to eat at their fast-food joints or chain restaurants, and no one to prepare it if there were. Who is going to make those burritos and tacos Americans scarf up by the ton? And who do you think is really doing the cooking in those chic-chic restaurants (not the celebrity chef, that’s for sure)? There would be nobody to wash the cocaine out of the sheets at the fancy resorts and hotels, nobody to cut the grass and unload the trucks and watch the kids while you go to the mall or wherever. Nobody to do all the ridiculously dangerous and tedious work that is done by “illegal aliens.” Billions dollars would drop out of the U.S. economy overnight. And there would be nobody to scapegoat for the numerous problems the United States of America is causing around the world; or for our own self-inflicted wounds.


San Francisco: A Sanctuary City


Speaking of international war crimes, I met “Bashir” in Belize in 2009, and I asked him to be careful of U.S. meddling in his homeland. Haven’t heard from him in a while. Hope he wasn’t at a wedding party….. San Francisco has been home to refugees from Latin America every since this was Nueva España. The Chinese have come and gone from the Golden Mountain for centuries. The “Chinatowns” in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles are among the oldest ghettos in this country. Displaced Filipinos have been making their way to Cali since the Spanish American War in 1898. After WWII, many Russian and Japanese refugees moved to the West, mostly to San Francisco and Los Angeles. “Little Saigon” in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco has become home to people from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar; most as a direct result of consequences from the Vietnam war. Recently, the City has had an influx of people from Syria, Yemen, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, and  Eritrea/Ethiopia. None of them seem particularly thrilled to be here, which indicates they are refugees, not immigrants.


San Francisco is an official “sanctuary city,” which means City officials are not in the business of checking peoples papers. There are asylum seekers here from all over the world. All those great international restaurants that San Francisco is so well known for? Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Afghani, Indian, “Middle Eastern,” Persian, Greek, Russian, Brazilian, Columbian, Cuban, Korean, Japanese, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Senegalese, and of course the many flavors of the many regions of Mexico and China. Most of them have some connections to refugees. If they are not owned by  asylum seekers, the people working in the kitchen and dining room are almost certainly working “off the books.” 


There used to be a gift shop on Market Street near the Cable Car turntable called Afghan Treasures. They sold really nice handcrafted items from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet and Nepal. This family was one of the first to flee the American invasion in 2001.  I was a regular customer, and I was always afraid to ask how their family was doing back home; but I did anyway. They always said everything was fine, but how could it have been? Although the San Francisco Bay Area is the most liberal place in the United States, rising Islamophobia forced them to change the stores name to…Hidden Treasures. And I’m sure they weren’t trying to be ironic. This was some years ago; they have been subsequently gentrified out of the City (Twitter moved into the neighborhood). But Afghan refugees continue to come to the USA; the closest smoke shop to me is owned by Afghanis, and they sell a brand of cigarette paper papers called “Afghan Hemp” that are the best papers I’ve ever used; (and I’ve used them all).


Todays immigration crisis in the United States is only framed in the most simplistic sound-bites. In fact, it’s an enormously complex issue involving people from the four corners of the Earth. The bottom line is that most refugees, both domestic and foreign, are here as a direct result of the greed, ignorance, and hubris of our leaders. It’s long past time we stop calling the people entering, or attempting to enter the United States “illegal aliens,” especially those that are here as a result of our actions in their countries. All borders are imaginary, and all borders change over time. Many of the people Coming To America are victims American Exceptionalism; hubris, ignorance, coup d'état, vulture capitalism, and benign neglect. The “War on Drugs” and the “War on Terror,” neither of which “we” are winning, produce thousands of refugees each day. Also hundreds of corpses. 


A nation of refugees cannot possibly discriminate against refugees that result from the actions of it’s own foreign policy. But we do; we have gone so far off-track in this country that our moral compass is pointing to "H"…..Hell. We have homeless children starving to death on our own city streets, and yet have the temerity to dictate to people in a foreign country how to live; and we bomb them if they don’t agree. The alleged “Christians” who run this country need to read their Bibles, and to remove the tree from their own eye before worrying about the splinter in the eye of their neighbors.


Joseph Thomas is a San Francisco writer and digital media producer. 

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Why is the discussion about "immigration," and not about human trafficking, slavery, and organ-harvesting?

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Tenderloin Housing Clinic: How Taxpayer Money Is Gifted To Slumlords While Tenants Live In Third-World Conditions - CommunityActionMedia

Tenderloin Housing Clinic: How Taxpayer Money Is Gifted To Slumlords While Tenants Live In Third-World Conditions - CommunityActionMedia | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

As per usual, it’s not the incident, it’s the cover-up. The media can be used to obfuscate (love that word) information, as well as to reveal it. Investigative reporting has all but vanished on the local level. The San Francisco “Examiner” seems content to publish stories about how the DBI clears the most number of violations in the country, according to a report issued by.....wait for it.....the DBI. Now that’s objectivity for you.

ThePlanetaryArchives/San Francisco CA's insight:

The "news" is not what happened yesterday halfway round the world. The news is what happens everyday right under our noses.....

ThePlanetaryArchives/San Francisco CA's curator insight, February 6, 3:22 PM

"Yes, as through this world I've wandered
I've seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
And some with a fountain pen.


And as through your life you travel,
Yes, as through your life you roam,
You won't never see an outlaw
Drive a family from their home."

-- Woody Guthrie

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Why KPFA Died

Why KPFA Died | AltaCali: Original Content from Joseph Thomas\BlackHorseMedia |

First, I want to praise KPFA before I slay them. There are programs worth saving, and I appreciate the hard work  the programmers and technicians put in to make it happen. You are Pacifica, not the Board, and not any one specific program. 


The number one reason that must have Joe Hill spinning in his grave is that KPFA has succumbed to the Cult of Personality, especially in the persons of Amy Goodman and Kris Welch. Nothing personal, they both do excellent jobs, and occasionally they break new stories, instead of “reporting” other sources. But these two persons occupy XX% of the weekly time slot; way too much. And whoever decided to put Sonali’s excellent program on when nobody is listening should be fired. In fact she should have replaced one of Goodmans shows. 


Speaking of firing; the entire Board of Directors should resign immediately for simple incompetence, if not for malfeasance. The Powers That Be have allowed a national resource to become the plaything for a few influential people. Almost nothing this board does is for the benefit of the listener, and they have done less than nothing to attract new African American, Asian, or Latino listeners.


I’m pretty sure Mr. Hill didn’t envision a multi-million dollar enterprise that was managed by an unknown and unaccountable Board. The corporate model is a Capitalist model; the term “non-profit” is an accounting mechanism, not a indicator of altruism. As long as there are “employees” instead of worker-owners, KPFA will continue to hemorrhage money; the listeners money.


KPFA started as a radical enterprise, devolved into a “progressive” one, and now is merely liberal, with a small “l.” The station projects an elitist, timid, conciliatory image; much like NPR and PBS. Perhaps that’s what the Board thinks KPFA should become; boring, repetitive, and redundant.


As for money, KPFA is in no position to be Holier Than Thou about accepting money from corporations and foundations. If Apple or Google want to donate technology in exchange for a mention (“Technology Donated by Apple/Google.” Period.), what’s wrong with that? And the God’s know KPFA and the rest of Pacifica’s stations could use a massive technology upgrade.


It’s time for Pacifica to either dissolve, or to reconfigure into a worker owned cooperative where there are no “bosses.” I’m sure Mr. Hill would approve.

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