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What to Do On Your First Abroad Trip ?

What to Do On Your First Abroad Trip ? | Orient Travels | Scoop.it

Travelling is an experience. Travelling and going to places is an experience .Many people do go on journeys within their country but then meeting people outside your country is an experience. Vacationing and travelling in a foreign land is an experience in itself and it will be a memory you will cherish in the pictures, the moments you spent with your loved one or the things you bought and everything that had got to do with the anticipated pleasant trip


It is like going on a quest for new places, new things and new people. You will be initially anxious about dealing with new people and about the language that you might not know but all that can be dealt with in a friendly rather than a hostile way


So you are dreaming to make a trip to the Swiss Alps or probably playing with koala bears and Kangaroos in Australia or enjoying an Opera at the Sydney Opera House. Imagine you playing with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland in Hong Kong or staring at remains of the Machu Pichu


You might have seen about them in Television, heard them on Radio or read them in a travel magazine but nothing stands out like going there. It’s the –“Been there. Done that.” That will give you a real thrill.


Places to Visit on Your First Trip abroad:



Asia is a good place to visit with friendly people, Delicious cuisines and shopping here won’t drain your pockets. You will however have to follow local laws and customs as Asia has a rich culture.



You might have seen African animals on Television channels like National Geographic. Africa has a history of some violence but it’s a good place to visit now that most of the tension is under control. It’s one of the most beautiful continents in the world with green pastures, forest, greenery and wild animals. But due to lack of infrastructure you will find it expensive to get a good accommodation



Europe is a place known for its history. In France you can see the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. Every country in Europe has some events of historical significance. The currency here is Euro and you will have to pay a bomb for most things.


Middle East:

Middle East is the land of oil in abundance. Stereotypically like Africa is known for its wildlife. The Middle East is known for its Deserts safari, for its Arabic cuisine and much more


North America:

North America comprises of the USA, Canada and Alaska. It is popularly known for USA-one of the most powerful countries in the world. A USA trip will be expensive



Formerly USSR but Russia is no longer the USSR. It is a beautiful place to see. Remember to not talk much about politics as people might not appreciate it.


South America:

South America is known for some violence but most of it is under control today. Places like Argentina are known for Che Guevara .Brazil is known for the carnival. Mexico is known for its rich South American culture



Australia is changing every 3 years because of the infrastructure development here. It is popularly known for its koala bears and Kangaroos, the Sydney opera house and much more of what is part of the rich culture of Australia.

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Tips to Plan Your Trip Abroad

Tips to Plan Your Trip Abroad | Orient Travels | Scoop.it

There are two ways to plan your trip abroad- One is plan your trip months well in advance and the other one is plan your trip abroad in less than a week’s time


Look for Travel alerts and Warnings :

It is safer to look out for travel alerts and warnings issued the government of the country you are going to. Make sure the country you are going to maintains healthy political and diplomatic relations with the country you belong to


Choose a Good Airline :

Check the airline before you book tickets. Book tickets with an airline that has a legacy of good service or the one that is economical and viable to your needs.


Choose Travel agent or website wisely :

Usually it is the responsibility of the Travel agent or website to arrange tickets and arrange a safe journey. So make sure you choose your travel agent accordingly. Some Travel agents charge a premium while others are cheap. But remember that services they offer you must be good so that you return home safe en route


Carrying your Travel Documents :

Make sure you have the necessary travel documents .Travel Documents include Passport ,Visa and other documents that you may have to show on demand by officials at the airport.A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies your identity and citizenship. You country may be issuing other documents required for various other clearances. If you have children you may have to establish relationship with the child by producing relevant documents under child abduction laws.


Drivers License :

If you plan to drive when you are abroad you may need international driving license and use them in accordance with the driving rules present in that country.


Pack Smart:

Do not carry too much luggage. Carry essentials to avoid problems


Maps and itinerary:

Carry local maps, itinerary and Travel guide. These days a GPS locationing can help you establish a lot of things. With Modern technologies, smart phones and other things. Your phone will come inbuilt with a lot of features but it is always advisable to carry a local map of the place you are visiting along with a guide or  literature that tells you about the place you are visiting



Photocopies :

Make sure you carry photocopies of the relevant documents like Passport, Visa and other documents you are carrying with you. You may have to produce them from time to time and file them with local authorities, hotels or places of tourist interest in complying with global rules and safety measures


Travelers cheques and Local currency :

Carry Travelers Cheques and currency that is used in the country you are visiting. If you want to make cashless make sure you carry credit and debit cards that are recognized in the country you are visiting. Some places may not accept cashless transactions so be handy with cash accepted in the region you are visiting


Medicines and Prescription :Do not forget to carry a copy of your prescription and a stock of your medicines as drug content and prescriptions may vary geographically. Carry an extra stock of medicines in case you get delayed during your travel to make up for the shortage.


Local laws and customs :

Make a note of the local laws and customs. For example dealing with local women. Some cultures may prohibit kissing or hugging in public. Photography of some places may be prohibited. Drinking or using drugs may be illegal


Health  Insurance and Access to Medical Help :

Make sure you carry a copy of your health insurance papers and are  privileged to access local doctors under various laws. Medical access is a universal right but the laws may vary.

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