Organising for IMC: marketing communications partnerships
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Rescooped by Fatana Faghiryar from IMC: communication with consumers: the importance of emotional reponses!

How has Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) contributed ...

How has Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) contributed ... | Organising for IMC: marketing communications partnerships |
Integrated Marketing Communication has generated immense discussion leading to interesting contribution to the evolution of IMC as a strategic means that can develop firms to be more valuable in achieving their brand communication objectives.
Fatana Faghiryar's insight:

I really loved this article as it explains communication factors influecing the Rapid technological development, deregulation, internationalization of global economy, current customer driven market-place and changing consumption pattern has transformed the awareness of behaviour and brand importance through direct communication. This development has made the marketers to change their objective and strategies to the realities of current marketing and communication approach.  This means communication needs to change from tactics to strategy. 

Vic Methven's curator insight, August 7, 2013 7:41 AM

Integrated Marketing Communications has helped contribute and evolve brand communications from business to consumer. This article describes how this contribution has occured and what measures have been taken to effectively do this. Key changes have caused the IMC concept to becoming a key strategic method, including; deregulation of the market place, globalization and individual preference of consumption. Due to the rapid development of technology and the influence it has on consumers, it is integral for marketers to understand the new approaches needed to target the right audience and the channels in which to do this. The article gives practical ideas on new ways that marketers can target audience using the ever growing channel of technology and the always changing market place. With ever changing markets and more competition from competing brands, the article states; that customer loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult meaning there is now less confidence in mass marketing. This means marketers now have to look at new ways to target their audience base. This article provides in-depth information on IMC and how it has helped evolve and contribute to brand communications using key notes from experts in the IMC field (Schultz) and is also easy to understand. The article holds valuable information on the importance of integrated communication.

Chontelle Ah-Ping's comment, August 15, 2013 5:35 PM
I definitely agree that IMC is important and contributed significantly to brands and how they work- and this has evolved over time, mainly in the last decade or two with technology developing at an immense rate. I think that without the use of IMC by brands, consumers aren’t receiving a unified message of your brand and therefore the brand may not be achieving the best outcomes. In today’s world where there are so many communication tools and access to these tools, especially online and through social media, it has meant that companies have to make sure that all their forms of communication with consumers is integrated and kept current all the time- in order to engage consumers and create loyalty. Therefore, IMC has contributed significantly and is key to the brand strategy.
Anna Shen's comment, August 19, 2013 11:03 AM
I agree that IMC has helped contributed and changed brand communications. It is true that the fast growth of technology means marketers need to look for more effective approaches in targeting their market/consumers. I also agree that they also need to consider what channel is best to be used that will allow full potential in targeting them. This article provides importance for marketers that can help create a strong strategy.
Rescooped by Fatana Faghiryar from IMC: communication with consumers: the importance of emotional reponses!

IMC Breakdown – you're all wrong. | "Buy the Way…" Insights on ...

IMC Breakdown – you're all wrong. | "Buy the Way…" Insights on ... | Organising for IMC: marketing communications partnerships |
If you're a fan of Integrated Marketing Communications or if you do it for a living, you're probably as sick as I am of knowing that ALL marketing models have gone to hell since “the advent of social media” – arguably the most abused phrase in...
Fatana Faghiryar's insight:

This is a very short article explains about IMC in general. I really liked the viewpoints of this article, how it explains "key to successful IMC is firstly to understand Consumer Decision". 

Deveshnee Moodley's comment, April 2, 2013 2:34 AM
Good articles, I too like the is explained well and gives you a good understanding.
Prianka Patel's comment, April 2, 2013 9:45 PM
This is a good article but i feel that it should have had more information on how the marketing models have all gone to a fail. Have they all really gone to be a fail? do companies not use marketing models anymore? Despite not given much information I still this that this article has explained its view points on the different ways of how IMC is successful. This article has also pointed out the behaviour of consumers these days as how many consumers don’t read many articles that they are sent through email as they don’t find it relevant or only have time to read a few, therefore it shares the insight about how marketers need to develop other strategies to market their products and services.
Delzin Balsara's comment, April 4, 2013 4:24 AM
Good article. However I do feel that this article needs to explain a lot more. Maybe explain ways on why IMC is so successful? How might businesses use this in the future?

overall this article is very simple and to the point.
Rescooped by Fatana Faghiryar from IMC: communication with consumers: the importance of emotional reponses!

ABC's of IMC: IMC Introduction

The basic task of marketing is combining these four elements into a marketing program to facilitate the potential for exchange with consumers in the marketplace. Integrated Marketing Communications: Evolution of IMC: ...
Fatana Faghiryar's insight:

This article gives the IMC iintroduction as it explains how the world is changing, the environment around the consumer is changing so does the consumer is changing. This change is what influences marketers to change its communication channel to produce the required response from consumer.

This article explains about how Marketers are concentrating on Life time value of the consumer.

I really enjoyed this article as it clearly explains IMC in general. The fast growth of the Internet, which is shifting the very nature of how firms do business and the ways they communicate and interact with customers. 


Prianka Patel's comment, May 9, 2013 5:26 AM
This is a great article to study the way IMC works and the definition being taken into process. for beginners to just have a broad view of IMC in marketing and the way marketing tools work it is a good article for that. but i think that this article should have shown how IMC is being implemented today in real organizations as i am curious to know how many companies actually operate in the view of imc? this article definitely states how IMC growth and role of importance of a brand in terms of IMC is very important especially how communication is an important in both of these growing sitautions.
Courtenay Poihega's curator insight, August 22, 2013 7:39 AM

A very helpful and informative article on basics and importance of IMC and the partnerships it has with marketing communications. This blog entry gives insights into how marcomms programs are vital to adapting and responding to the changes in marketing such as: fragmentation of mass markets, consumers gaining mre control over communication and the rapid growth of internet and electronic commerce.


What these partnerships aim to achieve and work towards are multi channel mareting and promotion all of which need to be integrated for successful branding. A successful IMC program requires the right amount of communication tools and techniques by defining marcomm roles, how its being used and the effect it will have on the brand and consumer.

Labroye Tauevihi's comment, August 22, 2013 9:59 PM
I like how this article discusses how IMC is changing with the ever changing world. It gives a great in depth view of IMC and also focuses intently on having a marketing strategy that is able to adapt to the chaning environment and society. @Courtenay raises a good point in her last sentence of her insight where it states "A successful IMC program requires the right amount of communication tools and techniques by defining marcomm roles, how its being used and the effect it will have on the brand and consumer." I agree with this statement and think that all brands should apply this to their own IMC structures.
Rescooped by Fatana Faghiryar from Marketing communications partnerships!

Integrated Marketing Communications 101 | Enrollment Builders

Integrated Marketing Communications 101 | Enrollment Builders | Organising for IMC: marketing communications partnerships |

Integrated marketing communications (or IMC) incorporates various advertising tools and media channels used within a marketing campaign to maximize success.

Via SooJin Kim
Fatana Faghiryar's insight:

Integrated marketing communications (or IMC) incorporates various advertising tools and media channels used within a marketing campaign to maximize success.

CHEN SUN's comment, August 22, 2013 6:17 AM
Well this is a really nice article reminds us of basic things need to consider when carrying out IMC strategies. It tells us the features of market, media and consumers which are three main and most important components in IMC like PR and marketing campaign. It also shows the importance of IMC because it is more efficient and can better communicate with consumers. At the end the author listed four tips to improve IMC but i believe the most important one is to know who you potential customers are because this can increase potential profits.
Analay Malamala's comment, August 22, 2013 6:46 AM
Good insights Shino, this article provides tips in which brands and companies should utilise for their own benefit, I do think that the different levels of management and areas within the business also need to take these tips and concepts as a resource for better ways in which they communicate and how to maximise and achieve their goals. You make very valid points Shino in your insights and I completely agree that IMC is consumer centric because without effective IMC practices and process, consumers would not exist. good read! good insight!
Linda Huynh's comment, August 22, 2013 3:17 PM
I would definitely agree on how this article defines the meaning of imc and how it should be used. Many businesses these days needs to consider the involvement and communication with consumers with such tools as the social media, via Facebook, Youtube and other blogging sites. Acknowledging consumers opinions when asked, advertising n billboards and doing surverys will increase consumer satisfaction. Having more satisfied consumers, produce more loyal consumers who will spread their opinions to others abou tthis great business, which then expand and lead to great success. Intergrated marketing communication, is an act of communication engaging one with another, involving a business or a brand. Allowing consumers to be together and creating an experience is a great influence in creating a core image and message of the brand in which the marketer is trying to gather and establish.