This piece was written by Lee Oden for his blog Top Rank  - I selected this today because information overload is a challenge we're all facing. The author has some great insights and shares with us how he filters out the noise and stays abreast of things in his world.


Information filtering and finding meaning for others is the first step to being a great curator.


Here's what caught my attention:


**Value comes from identifying bigger picture patterns and synthesizing that information into practical business advice.


**"I like what Christian Adams said in a G+ thread, “When you have information overload across multiple channels you start to pick up on common threads and trending topics”.


**This is the essence of curation that creates value and there’s no substitute for human filtering.


**As a professional, it’s essential for you to filter signal from a mass of noise to grow expertise in your core discipline as well as others.


**The question is, where do you get the information to stay current? How do you filter out the noise?


The author has some excellent suggestions on how he stays on top of this challenge that we all are facing.


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