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What is Six Sigma? - FUN VERSION

Six sigma...have fun :)

Via Prof. Hankell
Prof. Hankell's curator insight, September 16, 2013 7:05 AM

SIX SIGMA = The goal of Six Sigma is to increase profits by eliminating variability, defects and waste that undermine customer loyalty.

Six Sigma can be understood/perceived at three levels:


Metric: 3.4 Defects Per Million Opportunities. DPMO allows you to take complexity of product/process into account. Rule of thumb is to consider at least three opportunities for a physical part/component – one for form, one for fit and one for function, in absence of better considerations. Also you want to be Six Sigma in the Critical to Quality characteristics and not the whole unit/characteristics.


Methodology: DMAIC/DFSS structured problem solving roadmap and tools.


Philosophy: Reduce variation in your business and take customer-focused, data driven decisions.


Six Sigma is a methodology that provides businesses with the tools to improve the capability of their business processes. This increase in performance and decrease in process variation leads to defect reduction and vast improvement in profits, employee morale and quality of product.

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What I Learned (the Hard Way) About Outsourcing - New York Times (blog)

What I Learned (the Hard Way) About Outsourcing - New York Times (blog) | Operational Excellence | Scoop.it
New York Times (blog)
What I Learned (the Hard Way) About Outsourcing
New York Times (blog)
Many businesses outsource work to other countries. But outsourcing can be scary.
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Why Outsourcing is Bad for Business

View full post: http://www.onlinemba.com/blog/video-why-outsourcing-is-bad-for-business As countries like China and India become leaders in manufacturing the...
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In the land of marketing, operations may become king - Chief Marketing Technologist

In the land of marketing, operations may become king - Chief Marketing Technologist | Operational Excellence | Scoop.it

Key excerpt...


But listening to Craig frame the rapid evolution of marketing operations, it struck me that marketing operations may be the right home for marketing technology leadership. Either the head of marketing operations is effectively the chief marketing technologist, or a chief marketing technologist reports to him or her.


This wasn’t a particularly brilliant leap of intuition on my part — Craig came right out and said it: “The marketing operations leader becomes the CIO of marketing. Dealing with the marketing systems and the way that marketers use them is a role for marketing operations.”


The difference between a marketing technology office and a marketing operations group, however, is that marketing operations encompasses a broader collection of interrelated operational responsibilities, covering ROI, accountability, process optimization, and marketing enablement:

Reporting and analyticsBudget managementPlanningProcess managementBest practice syndication and trainingMarketing systemsData management and qualityMarket intelligence


Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, April 10, 2013 12:32 PM

Easy to say that we've always believed this, but having said that, we've always believed this! Our take: it's not the CMO who should interact with the CIO on a tactical basis, rather, it's the IT manager who interacts with the Marketing Operations guru (who is a part of the CMO's organization). The MOM(!) knows technology, MOM knows marketing, MOM understands all the pieces. Without MOM, the CMO is subject to the Business Process analyst (ugh).

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Mayer Becker's curator insight, April 23, 2013 10:42 AM

No collection of articles about marketing operations and technologies is complete without a few words from Scott Brinker.

Mayer Becker's comment, April 23, 2013 11:50 AM
Absolutely agree! As marketing operations lead, I held a weekly meeting with our IT Service Manager to review objectives and budgets, and handle issues as they came up (like budget reductions).
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API operations and donuts

API operations and donuts | Operational Excellence | Scoop.it
API operations really is about making sure that API’s are accessible and deliver according to developers’ expectations. As such it has two functions: internally the processes need to be streamlined...

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Manfred Bortenschlager's curator insight, January 8, 2014 3:46 AM

One of my own blogs about the key aspects in API operations management.


There are five key performance objectives (dependability, flexibility, quality, speed, and cost). Prioritisation depends on an organisation's context and business strategy.