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"a New Deal on Data
... The key to building this digital nervous system are ‘digital breadcrumbs’ that we all leave behind us as we move through the world – call records, credit card transactions, and GPS location fixes, among others. My research laboratory at MIT is finding that we can use these breadcrumbs to explain phenomena—financial crashes, political upsets, flu pandemics—that were previously mysterious. Going forward, data analytics can give us stable financial systems, functioning governments, efficient and affordable healthcare, and more


.... In short, to achieve the exciting possibilities of a data driven society, we require what I have called the New Deal on Data – workable guarantees that the data needed for public goods are readily available while, at the same time, protecting the citizenry. Maintaining protection of personal privacy and freedom is critical to the success of any society.


To help guarantee such individual freedoms, over the last five years I have helped curate a discussion among leading politicians, CEOs of multinational corporations and public advocacy groups around the world. The result is a New Deal on Data developing in the commerce regulations of the UK, EU, US, and other countries . These changes are beginning to give individuals unprecedented control over data that are about them while at the same time providing for increased transparency and insight in both the public and private spheres.


 In collaboration with Telefonica, I am helping to make the New Deal on Data a reality, through events such as Campus Party, where participants in the Datathon for Public Good will have the opportunity to explore the potential of open data, and in Living Laboratories, where researchers investigate how to deal with the sensitivities of collecting and using deeply personal data in real-world situations. For instance, the miData and Trento Living Labs are being used as pilots for the New Deal on Data and to discover new ways to give users control and use of their personal data."


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