"TagTeam is open-source middleware designed to stand between social-tagging platforms, like Delicious or Connotea, and readers who subscribe to RSS feeds from those platforms. It also functions as a social-tagging platform in its own right, and as an RSS/Atom/RDF aggregator. It allows a research community to tag articles, books, datasets, news stories, and other relevant web sites, in order to organize knowledge in the field and alert readers to new developments. Other tagging platforms themselves offer rudimentary versions of these services already. TagTeam goes further by combining user-defined tags or folksonomies on the input side with standard vocabularies or ontologies on the output side. It eliminates duplicates and spam from output feeds, and it frees users in the research community from the need to agree on a common tagging platform. Finally, it publishes output feeds based on the arbitrary recombination of input feeds, and publishes output feeds for any tag or arbitrary combination of tags." - from the source