Schools wanted for exciting new Mozilla Open Badges Project | HASTAC | Open Badges |

DigitalMe, UK based winners of funding from the DML 'Badges for Lifelong Learning' competition, are looking for schools to engage with them on their award winning project, Supporter to Reporter...


'We will be developing an exciting new way to recognise and reward the skills young people develop by taking part in the award winning Supporter to Reporter programme. We know that through becoming a sports reporter, young people develop confidence, improved speaking and listening skills, teamwork and resilience, as well as the maturity to become mentors and pass on their skills to others. The DML open badges project will enable us to build a series of online ‘Medals’ which recognise and reward these achievements, which young people can use to demonstrate their skills to future employers.


We are looking for 5 Schools or Education Centres to work with us on this pilot project.'


Tim Riches, the CEO of DigitalMe, will be talking at the JISC RSC Scotland conference on the 8th June so if you are joining us there, you can find out more about the Supporter to Reporter programme

Via DML Competition, grainnehamilton