Badge System Design: Validity, Credibility, and Reliability | Open Badges |

The validity of open badges is perhaps one of the key concerns raised when I discuss them. I think this article proposes some useful ways for considering this, focusing on how notions of credibility and reliability inform our perception of what is, or is not valid...


'The question of validity is posed fairly commonly.* It goes something like this, “How can we ensure that the badges have a sense of validity?” or “Who will vet them?” or “How will we know that they’re worthwhile badges issued from reputable sources?”


There is a good deal of subtext embedded in these seemingly simple questions. And bound into that subtext is an unwitting/unacknowledged acceptance of the sociocultural status quo. That tacit acceptance should be unpacked and considered. How does any organization achieve validity? How do standards become standards? When the landscape is unknown, how do you learn to trust anything?'

Via DML Competition, grainnehamilton